Anyone who has ever moved before knows that it’s an emotionally and physically draining experience. Not only do you have to find the right place to move, coordinate that with selling a house or ending your lease, but you have to pack up everything that is near and dear to you — including your pets. And moving pets safely can be a challenge: they need special care and consideration during the process, not only for their benefit but for your sanity as well.

There are some easy ways to make the entire situation of relocation easier for all involved. Here’s how to do it, so that your family and your pets handle the move like champs.

Before the movemoving pets safely

Moving pets safely starts before the move: bring your pets to see the new place! Pets are very sensitive to smells that are foreign to them. Giving them a chance to explore and sniff out the new living space before the big move will let them explore without tons of your furniture and boxes in the way. They’re also are less likely to freak out the first night in your new home if they have been there before.

If you have a dog, or multiple dogs, it’s beneficial to walk them around the neighborhood so they can check out the area they will normally be walked in on a daily basis. Dogs are very territorial, so getting them used to a new place is paramount.

Moving day

Whether you’re packing up a truck with some friends, or working with a moving company like us, moving day is going to be chaotic. People coming in and out of your house, doors are opening and closing, and very large, heavy objects are being moved around.

packingFor your benefit (and your pet’s), it’s best if you can plan to have them stay with friends or at a pet daycare/boarding kennel in your area on moving day. This ensures that they won’t be underfoot and that they won’t have any opportunities to escape – plus you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Once it’s all over, you can pick your pets up at your leisure. Or, if you can afford to board your pets for a few days while you are setting up your new home, take advantage of the time to unpack and settle in without them getting into everything.

After the move

The first few days that your critters are in your new home, you may discover that they are little uneasy in their new surroundings. Pay them extra special attention to make them feel comfortable. Give them extra brushing, love, and treats to make them feel good about the new space. In no time at all your pet will be as accustomed to their new home as you are!

Bonus points for moving pets safely:

Don’t forget to update your contact information associated with your pets’ microchips when you move. And if you haven’t chipped them yet, now’s a great time to plan to do it. It’s cheap, easy for any vet or clinic to do, and ensures if your pet escapes their new digs, helpful neighbors will be able to get them home.

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