Whether you’ve decided it’s time to downsize or you want to be closer to family, you may be planning a move. Perhaps you have found a home with fewer steps or that just makes more sense for you after you’ve retired. Moving at any age can be challenging, but there are some additional considerations for seniors who are ready to move. Some of the top moving tips for seniors can help you and your family prepare for and manage a successful move.

Plan Your New Space

When you downsize, you will have significantly less space in your new home. To ensure that you are not moving things that will not fit in your new home and that you will have everything you do need, take some time to plan out your new space.

One of the top moving tips for seniors is to get or make a floor plan for your new home. If you are moving to an apartment or condo community, the management company can provide you with the layout. You or a family member can also create a template using measurements of each room. Be sure to include doors, windows, and any built-in shelves or appliances.

When you have your new home measured for a template, make a plan for where your major pieces of furniture will fit best. You can use lined graph paper to create several different layouts for your bed, dresser, dining table, couch, and any other furniture you want to take with you to your new home. Decide which arrangement will make you more comfortable and whether any of your current pieces just will not fit – before you move them.

Keep a Moving Planner

Use a simple notebook to keep track of what needs to be done to prepare for your move. Brainstorm a “to do” list and then add to it as you think of new tasks. Create a timeline for your move and plug in the things that need to be done on the calendar. You should also keep a separate page for questions you may have about the move, adding in the answers as you discover them.

As you come across items that you want to donate or pass on to other family members, you can list these in your notebook as well. Then, when it comes time to do something with the antique tea set, for example, you can refer back to your notebook to know exactly who should receive it.

Prepare Emotionally

If you have lived in your current home for a while, it may be difficult to look through all of your possessions and think of giving some of them away. You can view your move as a positive opportunity, though, as you will soon be living in a better house or a better area for yourself and your family.

Remember that it is okay to have mixed emotions and to even be sad about your move. Going through your treasured family items will bring up lots of memories that you will always have with you, no matter whether you move the physical items or not. Be patient with yourself and with your family throughout the moving process. Set aside some time away from the task, to give yourself a mental and physical break.

Find a good place for any items you may need to give away. Reach out to a family member who may have always wanted your large dining room table. Check with local charities about donating clothes or household items to families who need them and who could put them to good use. Knowing your possessions will be in good hands and may continue to be handed down will help you stay positive about your move.

Save Your Memories

You have a lot of memories in your current home and in the things that you have accumulated there. One of the top moving tips for seniors, though, is to have your grown children take the things that belong to them so you don’t have to move them. When they moved out they may have left their childhood items behind, for example, such as posters and trophies. If you want to keep the memories, take photos of these items and then call the children to come get them!

As for your own possessions that may not have a place in your new home, you can always take your memories with you in other ways. You or a family member can scan and electronically store your treasured photos that may be taking up a lot of room in albums or boxes. Drawers full of old shirts can be made into a quilt that will not only keep you warm but will remind you of a lifetime of memories.

Call Fox Moving and Storage for Help

Top moving tips for seniors include working with professionals who will treat your treasured possessions with the highest level of care. At Fox Moving and Storage, we want your move to be as stress-free as possible. We will pack, move, and unpack all of your items so you can rest assured your move will be a smooth one, whether you are moving within Charlotte or across the country. We also offer you a free quote for your next move. Contact Fox Moving and Storage Charlotte today. You can call us at 980-414-8428 to learn more about how we can help you.