moving to a new home

There’s nothing comparable to moving into your first home. Whether this is your very first home or you’re simply making a change, we’d like to congratulate you on the new digs! But pleasantries aside, we know why you’re here. You’re asking – what is the best way to pack when moving to a new home?

Thanks for turning to us for an answer to this question. We humbly admit that we know moving. After all, it’s our trade, and we take it seriously. First things first, one call to Fox Moving & Storage Knoxville will take care of everything. We’ll get to work immediately, and have you relocated into your new home in no time.

But we know that we’ve promised some tips on the best way to pack when moving to a new home, and we’re happy to deliver (no pun intended).

Pack (and Load) the Least Important Items First

You don’t want to get to your new location and find that the things you need most are buried in the back of your truck. So, to avoid that frustration, pack wisely by starting with the things you’ll need last. Place non-essential items in boxes and load them first. The things you’ll absolutely need will be the last things you pack and, thus, the first things you unload.

Clearly Label Every Box

The best way to pack when moving to a new home is to clearly label every box to display the contents AND the destination of said box. This helps you keep track of all your possessions. It also lets those who will be helping you make sure that each box is taken to the right room. This step might seem like an afterthought but, trust us, it will save you a ton of time and frustration.

Pack Boxes Tightly

Always be sure to fill each box fully. By packing containers tightly, you’ll ensure that the contents don’t slip around or break. This will also maximize the use of your boxes and cut down on the clutter.

Use Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference. Dollies and floor sliders will make your relocation simpler and less likely to cause injuries. These items aren’t all that expensive, but you can also rent them or borrow them from loved ones.

Disassemble Larger Pieces for Easier Handling

You can take some pieces of furniture or equipment apart now. Then, you can move and reassemble them upon arrival in your new home. This makes it easier for you to load and carry heavier pieces. For example, take the drawers out of heavy dressers to make them lighter. Remove heavy components from entertainment centers. Keep your screwdriver nearby, and you’ll find those cumbersome pieces easier to load and unload.

Have Utilities Turned on In Your New Home in Advance

No one wants to arrive to a new home where electricity or water hasn’t been turned on. Make sure you contact your utility company (or landlord) to have the bare necessities in full working order. While you’re at it, arrange for the utilities in your old home to be switched off, but only after you’re absolutely sure won’t need them any longer.

Let Us Do the Job for You

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s be clear: the best way to pack when moving to a new home is by calling Fox Moving & Storage Knoxville. Our professionals will take care of every aspect of your relocation.

Are you wondering how much we’ll charge? No problem. All you need to do is give us a call or fill out our form for a free quote. Let us save you time, energy and stress. Your new home is waiting, and we want to help you get there ASAP. Contact Fox Moving & Storage Knoxville today to get started.