moving to an apartment

Moving to an apartment is always exciting. You have a new neighborhood, new neighbors and, in some cases, a new city you’ll be calling home. But first things first, you’ll need to do the work of relocating.

Just like with any other move, a game plan will save you a lot of stress. We’ve covered some essential tips for relocating to a new residence, but it’s worth mentioning that moving to an apartment is different. Limited space, flights of stairs and the needs of your pets can create headaches if you’re unprepared.

But don’t worry. We know you’re going to be prepared, and we’re here to help. Here are a few things to factor into your plan when moving to an apartment…

A Thorough Final Inspection Is Best Practice Before Moving In

Before moving to an apartment, make sure you know every little ding, stain and imperfection. You don’t want to be held accountable for damage that you didn’t cause. Consider a close inspection before moving in and take pictures of everything that might later be listed as property damage. Let your landlord know that these imperfections were there before you moved in.

Limited Space Might Mean Paring Down Belongings

Depending on where you are currently living, you might be forced to make some tough decisions about your belongings. A spacious house allows us to accumulate possessions that aren’t essential. Apartments require us to be more discerning in what we want to move with us. Consider the items you must have, then you can figure out what to sell, give away or place in storage.

Flights of Stairs Add a Challenge When Moving Heavy Items

Unless you’re living on the ground floor, you’ll need to determine the best way to move heavier items. If you’re working with a professional moving company, this won’t be a problem. However, if you’re going it alone, then make sure your helpers can handle carrying heavy loads up flights of stairs. Some complexes have loading or service elevators to make the process easier.

Your Pet’s Needs Should Be a Priority

If you have a pet, then consider how the move will impact them. Just like humans, animals need time to adapt to their new environment. You’ve likely already discussed the presence of a pet with your landlord, but if you haven’t, then make sure you do before moving in. Have a plan in place for bathroom breaks and remember that establishing a predictable routine every day will make life easier for you and your pet.

Bonus Tips for Moving to an Apartment

Moving almost always requires taking care of some basic business. Apartments are no exception. When relocating, make sure you…

  • Get to know your surroundings and available services. Moving to an apartment requires a crash course in knowing the lay of the land. Find out where you take your trash, where your mailboxes are located and who you call when you need maintenance.
  • Account for the fact that previous tenants might still have keys. When you live in an apartment, it’s likely that several people have lived there before you move in. If you’re especially concerned about the security, consider getting a new lock on your door (but check with your landlord first).
  • Check with your landlord for additional passes or clearance for moving vehicles. Some complexes don’t mess around when it comes to visiting vehicles in parking lots. The last thing you want is for your friends’ cars to get towed while they help you move. If you have people helping you relocate, talk to your landlord beforehand to get extra parking passes.

Your new apartment is waiting for you. With the right plan, moving there will be a breeze.

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