Have you been thinking about moving to Atlanta in winter? As Atlanta is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities, you certainly aren’t alone in considering Atlanta as your new home. Many people will wait for the warm and sunny months of summer and spring, but about moving to Atlanta in winter? It may have already occurred to you that the cold months of winter may actually be the PERFECT time to make a move to the Atlanta area, particularly because Atlanta winters can have unpredictable weather that may end up unseasonably warm.

A few reasons why moving to Atlanta in Winter makes sense:

Flexibility in scheduling

Thanks to the holidays, both school and work schedules are often more flexible during the Winter than in warmer months. Kids have lots of time off and employees often have less work and more time available to take off making packing and moving less stressful, especially in December. Having more time to pack and plan makes moving to Atlanta in Winter a great plan!

Reduced moving costs

With warm weather and long days, it’s no surprise that most people are moving between May and September. Those little ones are out of school and the sun is shining so just about everyone thinks it’s the perfect time to get their move on. That just means you can save big by moving to Atlanta in Winter. Planning your move October through April and particularly November through February means you can take advantage of price breaks on everything from pro moving rates to rent! Less demand means lower cost.

atlanta in winterLess traffic to fight

You’ve probably heard that Atlanta is a rapidly growing city. Not only are we seeing a boom in permanent growth as young people move here in droves, but we’re also seeing some of the highest volumes of tourism and business travel we’ve ever seen! Atlanta’s busy season is basically year-round these days, but we slow down the most in the colder months. Not only will that make it easier for you and your family to find just the right spot to settle down, it will make it easier to move in and to get your bearings. Take advantage of what little time of the year there is that Atlanta isn’t having its WORST traffic!

Prepare for a move to Atlanta in winter

Don’t pack those warm clothes

atlanta in winter

Pro tip: save on boxes by keeping all your warm clothes in your suitcases. Plus they’ll be easily accessible when you arrive at your new home!


Maybe it’s stating the obvious, but packing up your life and moving is chaotic, and if you’re moving from a warmer climate to a colder one, it may just slip your mind. If you’re moving to Atlanta in the winter, be prepared! Keep your gloves handy and make sure you have warm clothes to wear. We may be in the South, but we aren’t Winter-weather free and you don’t want to be scrambling to unpack all those garment boxes right after you arrive! Instead, put those suitcases to good use storing your warm clothes so they’re easy to find. Bonus points: it saves you a couple of boxes!

Watch the weather in Atlanta in Winter

Winter in the South is a variable and can change drastically quickly. Mild and sunny can turn into overnight lows below freezing as just one storm dips further South than planned. Keep an eye on the weather, or even better yet, let the pros keep an eye on it for you. When you hire a pro mover to move you to Atlanta in Winter, they play Boy Scout. They are prepared for potential Winter road hazards and any extra time your move may need for loading, transporting and unloading in cold, rainy, or icy weather. (They will also be the ones taking the risk and keeping you safe!)

Winterize your cars

You never know when you may encounter unexpected ice on roads when you move to Atlanta in Winter. While we’re happy to be far enough South to not need snow tires, it is a good plan to have your tires checked for solid tred and the right amount of air. Swing by your local service center and let them give your car a once-over. Better safe than sorry in these unpredictable Winter months.

Have your new home ready for Atlanta in Winter

Whether you call on your realtor or your new landlord, make sure you have someone confirm that your utilities have been connected and ask them to check the thermostat for you so that you arrive at a nice, warm home on moving day! If you have a fireplace, schedule a chimney sweeping, and if it is even the slightest bit icy, hire someone to clear your sidewalks and walkways before you and your movers arrive.

Why NOT Move to Atlanta in the Winter?

If you need another reason why moving to Atlanta in winter is actually a great idea, just think of it this way… it’s cold and grey and you aren’t missing out on any of the area’s abundance of outdoor activities.

Ultimately, the real question is “Why NOT?” You could be all settled into your new home in Atlanta by the time spring rolls around with all its sun and fun! Spring in Atlanta is amazing. You don’t want to miss it!