Are you looking for a change of scenery, more job opportunities or an improved quality of life? Moving to another state could give you a new perspective and let you expand your horizons. As a leading long-distance moving company, we’ve helped hundreds of customers complete successful interstate relocations. Here’s our list of the best states to move to.

1. Tennessee

If you’re hoping to live somewhere with a low cost of living, you’ll be happy to know that Tennessee has no state income tax. The Volunteer State also has beautiful scenery and a thriving economy. Whether you choose to live in a vibrant, diverse city like Nashville and Chattanooga or take life at a slower pace by moving to a small, rural community, there’s something for everyone here. Tennessee also hosts two annual music festivals that attract people from all over the world – the country music-themed CMA Fest and the more eclectic Bonnaroo.

2. Georgia

You don’t have to move all the way to Hollywood to enjoy a thriving career in the entertainment industry. Thanks to generous state economic incentives, Georgia has become a film and television hub. Blockbuster movies like Avengers: Endgame and popular series like Stranger Things have filmed in and around the metro Atlanta area, and CNN, TBS and Cartoon Network have their headquarters there. It’s also a best state to move to if you want to pursue higher education at top-ranked schools like Morehouse College, Georgia Tech and Emory University.

3. North Carolina

North Carolina is a haven for nature lovers. Its relatively mild year-round climate makes it easy to get out and explore the state’s mountains, rivers, parks, waterfalls and beaches. From the quirky mountain city of Asheville to the coastal town of Wilmington, the scenic surroundings are perfect for anyone moving out of state to get a fresh start.

4. Virginia

Everyone knows the slogan “Virginia is for Lovers,” and you and your family might love living there for several reasons. This state has a low crime rate, some of the country’s best hospitals and a strong job market. Virginia could be one of the best states to move to if you are looking for a high-paying job as a government contractor or in the tech industry.

5. Colorado

Have you ever thought about relocating to Colorado? This picturesque state is one of the top places for fitness buffs, who move there to pursue year-round activities like rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking. Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Boulder routinely rank among the nation’s healthiest cities. If you love winter weather, there’s no shortage of sports such as skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding in Colorado, which boasts world-class ski resorts.

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