These days, it seems the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up everyone’s normal schedules as parents are working from home, students may or may not be able to go back to school, and the safety and health of each family member is of great concern. It is more challenging to make any kind of plans now. If you are considering moving to Chattanooga or across the country during the virus outbreak, here are some tips for moving when school plans are uncertain.

Stay Flexible Around School Plans

The experts at Action for Healthy Kids reassure parents that these are uncertain times for everyone – parents, children, and school staff. Planning for a healthy and exciting new school year can be challenging during “normal times,” but is even more taxing during COVID-19. Understanding where to find information about your local school plans and staying connected are two crucial elements of a successful school year for you and your family, no matter where you move.

Remain flexible whenever possible. Shifts in the learning environment or changes in schedules may come and go as we move further into the second half of the year. Look to others in your community to learn what’s working (or not working) for others to better inform the approach that best meets the needs of your school, family, or community. If you are moving to a new community and a new school system, reach out to gather as much information as possible on their current situation.

Moving Closer to Family

During COVID-19, many people are finding that it makes sense and provides comfort to move closer to family members. Avni Patel Thompson, who has developed a range of technology solutions for parents, writes in the Harvard Business Review that two things are at play for families when school plans are uncertain:

  • Dealing with constant uncertainty: On top of existing work and home challenges, parents are managing the cognitive load and exhaustion of making — and adjusting — plans that can be quickly rendered obsolete.
  • Lack of childcare makes everything shaky: For most families, schools form a critical part of daily childcare. Without in-person session, or with limited in-person learning, parents are feeling uncertainty in all of the other parts of their lives — from their ability to work to their mental health. And with day cares limiting class size and others not reopening, this stress extends to most parents with kids under 12.

Thompson reassures parents that you are already masters at prioritizing and that also comes into play if you are considering moving when school plans are uncertain. Thompson suggests making a list of all possible priorities in your family’s life. Then make your plans based on how your options are affected by your priorities. For example, she says, if extended family is a priority, your options may range from including grandparents within your bubble, choosing remote learning, or taking the opportunity to move to be closer to family.

Hamilton County Schools Open

In Chattanooga, schools were open for students to attend in-person as of August 31. This is part of Hamilton County’s Phase 3 schedule. The school system formed a School Reopening Task Force that oversees the plans and provides information for families when school plans are uncertain.

That uncertainty continues into the fall session, as some schools have had to shift to online learning just a few weeks after opening. As of September 17, the following schools were closed so they could be cleaning and disinfected and to enable school officials to conduct contact tracing. Learning will continue remotely at:

  • Brainerd High School
  • Red Bank High School
  • Ooltewah High School will be on a hybrid A/B schedule this week. B Group students will attend on-campus and A Group Students will attend remotely on Thursday 9/17.

Focus on Health and Safety

If you are considering moving when school plans are uncertain, whether to be closer to family, for a better job opportunity, or to be able to enjoy all that Chattanooga has to offer, your main focus should be on the health and safety of your family. Use precautions such as wearing a mask when around others and remaining at least six feet apart from others. Moving during the pandemic is possible, especially when you work with a professional mover who has the experience to move you to your new home safely and securely.

Call Fox Moving & Storage Chattanooga When You Need to Move During COVID-19

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