Relocating any professional business comes with its own unique set of challenges. There are industry-specific considerations for moving the contents of the business location as well as for establishing a new site. If you are moving from one state to another, there are additional matters for a professional business to address. Here are a few things to consider if you are moving your architectural firm.

Plan for a Seamless Transition

Your clients depend on you for quality architectural plans. Relocating your architectural firm will require a quality logistics plan. The first thing to consider is the timeframe for your move. Do you have large projects in the works? Will you have a reasonable amount of downtime available to be able to execute your move with minimal disruption to your work?

Develop a written plan that includes tasks, team members who will be assigned responsibility for those tasks, and milestones and deadlines along the way. Start with the end date, once you’ve decided on the best day for your move. Work your way back along the timeline to determine what needs to be done when.

Communication is Key

A major event such as an office relocation will need to be communicated both with your internal team and with your clients. Ensure that your staff understands the plan, especially the areas for which they will be responsible. Let your clients know about your upcoming move, reassuring them that their project deadlines will not be affected. Emphasize your move dates so they will have a clear understanding of when your current location will close and when your new location will open.

Moving Across States

When you are moving locally, the main consideration will be packing and transporting your furniture, electronics, and architectural supplies safely and efficiently. When you are relocating to another state as a professional architectural firm, there may be other issues that will need to be addressed.

Early in your logistics plan, you will need to include the task of consulting local laws in your new location. Check out licensing requirements and get started on the appropriate paperwork, if necessary. In some states, the type of entity or company you are doing business as, such as a limited liability company or a corporation, could also affect your ability to be licensed as a professional firm. You may find that you will need to change your business structure in order to be properly licensed in your new location.

Moving from one state to another may also require you to officially close your current location. You may have to file for dissolution of your legal entity with your secretary of state and close out your tax filings in your current location before moving your architectural firm. Research the laws regarding ownership, taxation, and employment in your new state as well. In addition, contact your new state’s architectural registration board to gather information on legally forming your new entity in your new location.

Work with Professionals

You and your team are focused on providing a professional service to your architectural clients and probably do not have the time needed to research and ensure adherence to all of the regulations regarding moving your architectural firm. Hiring a legal professional can actually save you a lot of time and a few headaches, ensuring that you are meeting all of the requirements for your new location.

Likewise, hiring a professional moving service will enable you and your staff to continue with your work while experts are tasked with protecting and moving the contents of your office. You have delicate equipment such as electronics, drafting boards, architectural tools, as well as furniture and files that need to be safeguarded, packed, loaded, and moved. A professional mover knows how to do all of that efficiently, while minimizing your firm’s downtime.

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