Searching for apartment rentals is no simple task, especially if you are planning to move to an entirely new area. Whether you are moving for work or simply looking for a better home for your family, your search can become much easier with a few online tools and good planning. At the beginning of the process, you have probably already narrowed down to a general area and found some listings with your desired specifications. Many prospective residents look for price, number of bedrooms, and amenities. At this point, you may have found about a dozen apartment communities that interest you. To further narrow your options and find an ideal home, follow our Nashville apartment guide through these five simple steps:

Look at distance to the things that are important to you

nashville apartment guideThose who are moving for a career will probably prioritize their searches based on travel time to work. When choosing a convenient neighborhood, you may also want to look at nearby shopping, dining, schools, and parks.

A great way to check out the local amenities is to visit, which rates cities and apartment communities based on travel times. Here, you can see how long it would take to walk, bike or drive to specific destinations. You can select the city and find your desired apartment to see its overall walk score. Also, read reviews from locals while viewing photos of popular spots. features nearby bus routes and public transportation facilities available in the area to provide you with all options for travel.

Do your research on the apartment and the neighborhood

nashville apartment guide

Management companies have a huge impact on the quality of life at an apartment complex. Do you research and check reviews online to make sure you don’t get stuck with a bad management company.

Whether this is your first apartment or your tenth, you have probably realized that not all neighborhoods are the same within a city. Some areas are quite urban with wavering crime rates while neighborhoods just five miles away feature safer suburban environments. To see a bigger picture of your choice apartments, check them out at This site offers percentage ratings based on reviews from actual and prospective residents. The city average is listed at the top for you to compare. Read what others have to say about the management, buildings, and neighborhood safety. The site also features star ratings for noise, maintenance, safety, neighborhood, grounds and office staff to give you a complete perspective.

Additional Internet searches can offer you statistics about the city and crime maps for the area you are interested in. While viewing a map of the city, check out nearby facilities like railroad stations and hospitals. Some structures and features tend to influence traffic and crime rates in surprising ways.

Call for Details

The Internet, (with great articles like our Nashville apartment guide ;-)), is a great tool for gathering basic information, but once you have narrowed your selection down to a few options, it is best to call the apartment community. Sometimes price listings are outdated or inaccurate, especially in place like Nashville where the housing market moves so fast, plus you can often receive a better quote from management. If you are still interested in the apartments for rent, you can even schedule a visit to tour the buildings and amenities.

Plan a Trip

Whether you are moving across the country or to the next city over, you should plan a special trip to visit the neighborhoods that interest you. Take a tour of the area, and ask management if you can see one of the vacant apartments. If possible, plan your drive at the time when you are most likely to commute. This timing will give you a better idea of the area’s traffic conditions. Speaking with the office staff face-to-face provides you with an opportunity to ask more specific questions. If you are still interested in the apartment community, you can even fill out an application and start the process for approval.

Look for Deals

Even if you have found the perfect apartment home, it is always beneficial to get the best deal and save some money. Many online sites offer coupons for using their services. You may find deals like first month’s rent free or zero deposit. The apartment community may also offer seasonal deals for moving in within a certain time period. Ask about any available specials when you call or visit an apartment.

Finalizing the Process

Planning ahead is the best way to get the apartment you want at a price that works for your budget. It is much easier to get the features that are important to you if you begin your search months in advance. Once you have chosen your new apartment rental and signed the lease, it is time to prepare for the move. To ease the process, utilize the resources on apartment hunting websites. Remember to check out the apartment community as well as the surrounding area before settling on a location.

After Our Nashville Apartment Guide Helps You Find the Right Fit…

Also remember to book your move with a moving company (like Fox Moving!) as far in advance as you can, so that you can get your keys and move in all at once.