You’ve signed the papers, and you’re officially ready to leave the state. But planning an out-of-state move adds a new layer to this process. Whether you are in the initial phases of organizing your belongings, or you are packed and ready to go, let’s take a look at how you can make your transition out of state as stress-free as possible.

Moving to a New State

For many people, moving from one state to another increases their stress levels. When you arrive in a new place, the area is less familiar. As a result, there are going to be a number of unknowns associated with your moving process. To help alleviate this stress, you should plan to hire experienced movers. Long-distance moves bring a new set of variables that require a level of expertise and an ability to quickly adjust plans as needed. High-quality moving companies have the professional insight you need to make this transition as smooth as possible.

“My husband and I have lived in two houses in Charlotte for 42+ years. Moving to another state made me very nervous. Fox actually came [to my home] twice. Day of move went great… I stood at the door and pointed where crates and furniture needed to go. It felt like longtime friends were moving us. If I could give a 10 I would. Thank you Fox!”

Fox Moving & Storage Customer

How to Move Out of State

After you have found the home or apartment you’ve been looking for, your out-of-state move begins to feel real. You may be looking around your current living space and wondering where to start. Here’s a brief breakdown of how you can best complete this process.

Organize Your Belongings

This key step helps you take stock of everything you’ll need to bring with you to your new home. An accurate inventory of your belongings ensures you have the supplies you need to pack and transport the items in your space. This is also a great time to donate or trash anything you no longer use. 

Gather Packing Materials

Once you have an idea of how many things you’re bringing to your out-of-state apartment or house, you can begin purchasing any necessary packing materials. You may have some supplies already at home, like packing tape and scissors, but you’ll likely need to obtain boxes and storage containers. Thankfully, Fox Moving & Storage offers affordable, high-quality packing materials in the Charlotte area, delivered straight to your door. Our packing kits are designed to meet the needs of your space, but you can also purchase individual materials to supplement what you already own.

Pack and Sort

An organized packing job makes the moving process easier for both you and your movers. When you are loading your belongings into boxes, try to keep similar items together and clearly label each container. Sort your boxes and furniture in a centralized area in your home to expedite your move. If you need help packing (or don’t have time to pack at all), Fox Moving & Storage of Charlotte offers packing services to help alleviate your stress. 

Get Moving

You’ve made it! Everything is packed and organized, so now you’re ready to officially move your belongings. Because moving out of state often means a long drive along with loading and unloading the truck, you’re likely going to want help getting your things across state lines. A reputable mover ensures your furniture and boxes safely arrive in your new space. They will load, transport, and unload for you, helping reduce the risk of damage to your items.

“It was a pleasure to work with Fox Moving… They put in a 17-hour day, moved items to two separate locations (including out of state), and were a joy to be around. Using a smaller local company was a great decision. Thanks so much guys!”

– Fox Moving & Storage Customer

Moving Out of State Checklist

Moving out of state frequently results in longer travel times, and you’ll probably want to rest when you arrive at your destination. To prepare for the big day, here’s a quick checklist to keep your move on track:

  • Pack, label, and organize boxes
  • Clearly tag each piece of furniture for the room it will go to
  • Pack last-minute items for easy access, including:
    • Clothing for a few days
    • Toiletries
    • Chargers and electronics
    • Towels, sheets, and pillows
    • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Confirm moving company arrival time

At Fox Moving & Storage of Charlotte, we offer a comprehensive moving checklist at no cost to you. You can access this resource on our website.

Cost of Moving Out of State

One of the biggest barriers to hiring a moving company is the potential cost associated with this decision. In an effort to save money, many people choose to complete their out-of-state move themselves. Unfortunately, there are a number of unexpected costs that can make this a pricey decision. Those who pack, load, transport, and unload their own belongings can incur the following costs:

  • Van rental and insurance
  • Packing materials
  • Furniture moving equipment rental
  • Responsibility for damaged items
  • Potential injury
  • Extra time spent overseeing and executing the move

When you hire a licensed, insured moving company, you have fewer unexpected fees. Fox provides a free, no-obligation quote, so you know what your out-of-state move will cost. We treat all your belongings with care! Choosing a reputable moving company can save you both time and money. 

“Making a 200-mile move after living in Charlotte was scary. Fox worked with me every step of the process. We ran into some hiccups on the closing of our new property. We were unable to take delivery of our furniture as originally planned. Fox worked with me and made a very stressful situation doable. I highly recommend them.”

– Fox Moving & Storage Customer

Your Out of State Movers

At Fox Moving & Storage of Charlotte, we provide high-quality services to help make your out-of-state move as simple as possible. We offer help at all stages of the process, from packing to loading and unloading, or we can provide a full-service experience from start to finish. 

Relocating to a new state doesn’t have to be stressful. When you choose Fox Moving & Storage of Charlotte, you can focus on settling into your new space without worrying about the details. 

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