Moving a law firm involves much more than simply packing up files and transporting furniture. There are a number of steps that need to be taken before, during, and after the move. Although it may seem intimidating, you can pack and move your law firm with minimal downtime if you plan it ahead of time and execute the move efficiently.

Prepare and Plan

Your move will affect your staff and your clients, so it is critical that you take the time to prepare and plan the details to ensure a smooth transition to your new office. For example, take the time now to layout your new office using a schematic of the space so you’ll be ready to place furniture, files, and electronics where they need to go when you arrive.

In addition, you will need to set up a realistic schedule for tasks that need to be accomplished before, during, and after your move. You might need to assign tasks to team members who can help pack and move your law firm with minimal downtime. Timing your move so that it has the least impact on clients and staff will also be important. If you have day of the week or a time of day that is less busy or during which you have no clients scheduled, that will be the ideal time to actually execute the move.

Communicate with Staff and Clients

Once you have designed your plan, share it with your staff so they will know what to expect in the coming days or weeks. Also, let your clients know if you will have downtime during the move and exactly how they can find your new office on your planned opening date there.

Before the move, you will need to change the address on your letterhead and business cards and place orders for those supplies so you will have them ready to use when you move in. Place a notice on your website that you are moving and then update your address there on the day of your move.

As the date of your move approaches, check for any online directories or advertising that may need to be updated. Take care not to change your address in these areas too soon, though, as it may become confusing to clients. If possible, schedule the change for the actual date of your move.

Send Official Notifications

As a law firm, you will also need to notify opposing counsel, if you are involved in open matters, as well as your local courts that you are moving. Send notifications to your state and local bar associations, your insurance company, and your financial institutions.

The basics of moving also apply to your law firm, as you will need to complete an official change of address with your post office and ensure your utilities will be turned off and on at the appropriate time and date.

Hire Professional Help

You and your team are busy conducting the business of your law firm, meeting with clients, keeping up with documents, so you don’t really need the worry and the headaches (and possibly backaches) that come with having to pack all of your things and move them to your new office. Professional movers can help you pack and move your law firm with minimal downtime and a reduced level of stress.

Your staff can organize your files, decide which furniture needs to be moved, and help you plan the logistics for your new space. They should also be involved in communicating the details of your move, including your new address and phone number, as well as ensuring that your clients and others involved know exactly when you will be conducting business in your new location. However, the tedious packing, the worry over protecting fragile items, and the heavy lifting and moving are best done by professional movers.

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