Packing clothing items is quite the chore and probably one of the most overlooked moving checklist items. Oftentimes clothes are thrown into a trash bag at the last minute, but a little bit of organization can make the whole process much easier in the long run – and actually save you time and money, or the hassle of having to iron wrinkled clothes.

Here are a few prep tips to consider before you pack clothing:

  • Declutter! Take this opportunity to declutter your closet and donate items you no longer wear or love.
  • Wash and dry any dirty items prior to packing.
  • Separate seasonal items that you will not need during your move. Seasonal items can be packed ahead of time and allow you to unpack at a later date when they are needed. You may want to consider placing these items in a vacuum bag for long term storage solutions.
  • Set out the items you will need the week of your move and pack the rest early. No need to wait until the last minute!

pack clothing

Hanging Clothing Items

For hanging clothing items, a simple wardrobe box should be sufficient and makes the packing and unpacking process a breeze. Your items remain on the hangers allowing you to easily hang them up once you get to your new place. Using a wardrobe box also helps prevents major wrinkles during transport. The wardrobe boxes are perfect for dresses, formal attire, suits, and other hanging items that may wrinkle during your move. Additionally, consider wrapping items up in bags before placing in the wardrobe box as an added layer of protection in case the box gets damaged during your move.

Folded Clothing Items

Folded clothing items fit great into existing luggage or cardboard boxes. Avoid overstuffing your bags and boxes to prevent wrinkling during your move. Additionally, use small and medium-sized boxes so your boxes are easy to move – just make sure you securely tape your box properly to avoid any seams from splitting.

You want to pack clothing in their folded state versus rolling and grouping like items together for easy unpacking. This will save you time and energy during unpacking later on. For delicate clothing items, make sure you wrap in packing paper or in their original bags to avoid any snags and other damage.

pack clothing


It is always best to keep the original shoe boxes to store your shoes in, but if you do not have them, simply wrap your paired shoes in a bag or packing paper to protect them during the move. Use a cardboard box or existing luggage for easy packing and unpacking and preventing your shoes from being smashed during the moving process.


For jewelry items, invest in jewelry pouches or use plastic baggies to avoid tangled bracelets and necklaces during a move. Jewelry pouches will protect your jewelry from coming in contact with clothes that could potentially snag your clothing items. Place the pouches in the boxes or luggage with your clothing items to keep them secure throughout your move. Or, additionally, use a smaller box for all your jewelry and clearly label the contents to keep all of your jewelry pieces together.

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