If you’re a seasoned traveler or someone who loves to stay organized, you might already be familiar with packing cubes. These soft-sided fabric containers zip closed and are ideal for grouping similar items together. Since they come in different shapes and sizes, you can use several to maximize space in a suitcase, carry-on bag, backpack or closet. But what about during a move?

How to Use Packing Cubes During a Move

Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re short on time. The packing part of the process is often tedious and challenging to fit into a hectic schedule. While it can be tempting to haphazardly toss things into boxes and hope for the best, you’ll regret that careless approach when it comes time to unpack and regroup in your new home and you’re hunting fruitlessly for things you need.

Packing cubes are a versatile shortcut for organizing items such as the following.

  • Clothing: Whether you’re a fashion minimalist or have several closets of clothes to pack, rolling clothes tightly will help you fill packing cubes to capacity. Packing cubes can keep your clothes more compressed, allowing you to fit more items into each box. Also, thanks to the cubes’ building-block shape, they’re easy to stack and fit neatly into every available inch of space, like a game of Tetris. You can use different sizes or colors of cubes to sort clothes by season, material or family member.
  • Electronics cables: Smaller packing cubes are excellent for keeping cables and connectors together. For example, consider color-coding electronics cords by device or by room. Use twist ties to separate them, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a tangled mess.
  • Furniture components: If you have any modular furniture that disassembles, breaking it down before your move can make it easier to move each separate piece. Use packing cubes to store any screws, bolts, Allen wrenches and other tiny parts you don’t want to lose. That way, you can rest assured you aren’t missing any essentials when you’re ready to put everything back together.
  • Toiletries: When packing, you’ll want to assemble a “go bag” to keep any essentials close at hand. Include any daily personal hygiene items, plus prescription medications you take regularly. Putting all these inside a packing cube and placing it inside your purse or backpack will ensure everything is within reach when you need to grab something quickly without searching. Look for packing cubes with mesh panels, so you don’t have to unzip each one to see its contents.

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place

If you’re the type of person who thrives on planning and preparation, you’re likely already familiar with many of the top tips for your next move. Still, any move can come with unforeseen challenges, and we believe you deserve the best possible experience.

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