Despite the calendar saying otherwise, it still feels like summer here in Atlanta. And while we are enjoying these warm (hot!) fall days, we know (or hope!) chilly weather is just around the corner. Soon it will be time to pack up the outdoor summer furniture to protect it from the cooler and wetter fall and winter months.

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What You Can Leave Out

Composite Furniture

This durable material can easily withstand cooler temps, rain, and snow during the fall and winter months. If there are fabric cushions on the furniture, it is best to remove and store properly throughout the cold and wet months.

Aluminum Furniture

Just like composite furniture, it is safe to leave aluminum furniture outside during the cool months. In fact, aluminum furniture is one of the most durable outdoor furniture solutions, but it is lightweight. Consider moving to a safe space if you expect strong winds in your neck of the woods.

Wood Furniture

Unlike composite and aluminum furniture, wood outdoor furniture might need a little bit of prep work to make it ready to withstand harsher winter conditions. The goal is to protect it from moisture sitting on top of it and causing it to rot. Using a protective cover or even coating it with a sealant that prevents the absorption of moisture is a good idea. You may even want to consider moving it under a covered patio as well.

What Needs To Be Stored

  • Umbrellas, upholstery, outdoor rugs
  • Stone tabletops
  • Steel and wrought-iron furniture
  • Wicker furniture
  • Rattan furniture
  • Plastic furniture
  • Grills

packing & storing outdoor furniture, fox™ moving and storage, experienced, trained professional movers

Storage Tips

  • Wash removable seat covers before storing – if allowed, use a little bit of bleach when washing to kill any mildew trapped in the fabric. Make sure all fabrics are fully dry before storing them.
  • Consider using climate-controlled temporary storage to store your summer items during the fall and winter months. At Fox Moving and Storage Atlanta, our secure warehouse is available to store whatever you need for however long you need.
  • Clean off any dirt and grime accumulated over the summer months.