how many people move to nashville a day

How many people move to Nashville a day? This question is one of the more popular ones asked by visitors, locals and move-ins. Because Nashville is a booming city where neighborhoods seem to be in a constant state of development, it makes sense that people want to gauge our city’s growth by the number of people that move here every day.

In reality, the number that people sometimes use to answer this question are outdated. Housing and job markets are always in flux, so the average total of daily Nashville move-ins varies from month to month and year to year. Now that we’ve addressed these caveats, let’s dig into the answers.

So, How Many People Move to Nashville a Day?

The short answer is approximately 83 people a day from 2017 to 2018. Those are the most recent statistics, released in April 2019. So, by the time you read this, that number might have changed.

For a couple years, the daily average hovered around 100 people, on average. That average is still thrown around, which is understandable. Saying 100 people move to Nashville every day sounds impressive, and it’s easy to remember. However, those numbers have dipped slightly over recent years.

From 2016 to 2017, around 94 people moved to Nashville each day and, as we already mentioned, that amount edged slightly lower the following year. The final tally for 2019 could go either way, and we’ll probably learn more about the number of Music City newcomers in the first few months of 2020.

In the meantime, we can talk about what the number of move-ins does and doesn’t mean for the city. Don’t let a dip in these yearly averages fool you. Nashville’s growth is as strong as ever.

Despite a Slowdown in Population Growth, Nashville Continues to Thrive

One could see a decrease in 14 move-ins a day and mistakenly assume that Nashville’s bubble is bursting. However, that is the wrong way to think about the slowdown. Even at 83 people moving here per day, Nashville is still one of the fastest growing metro areas in the U.S. Tennessee’s capital is still experiencing an all-time high in tourism and record-low unemployment.

And it’s worth remembering that 83 new Nashvillians every single day is still a substantial number. Other cities have seen similar dips in population growth. Economists attribute this a cooling of the national economy.

Fewer Daily Move-Ins Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

A sustained population boom can strain a city’s infrastructure. Whether you live here already, or you’ve simply considered relocating to Nashville, you’ve probably heard locals complaining about the traffic. Population booms make commutes longer and require cities to undergo a great deal of road construction.

Housing prices are also affected by population growth. Rapid growth means higher rents and home prices. As the number of daily newcomers to Nashville has fallen off, rapidly rising housing costs have also cooled, giving residents a bit of a break. Apartment Guide ranked Nashville number four on the list of cities where rent for two-bedroom apartments decreased in 2018.

Nashville Continues to Offer So Much to New Residents

Statistics aside, Nashville is always adding to reasons why people are flocking here in droves. The city’s music industry is as strong as ever. In addition to an NHL and an NFL team, we’ll soon be seeing the debut of a professional soccer team, Nashville SC, which will compete in the MLS starting in 2020. Our food scene is proving to hold its own with the best in the nation, and the labor market continues to outperform the rest of the U.S.

In other words, it’s a great time to live in Nashville. If you’re joining the ranks of the Music City’s locals, we’d like to welcome you to your new home. We’ve put together a helpful list of tips for moving to Nashville that you might find useful. We also have a free moving checklist that you can use while getting your stuff ready for your big move.

The next time someone asks you how many people move to Nashville a day, you can answer confidently. And when you need help with your relocation, you have a team ready to help you with every step of the process.

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