Spring is here and summer is on its way! The Memorial Day weekend marks the start of a season of fun in the sun in the greater Nashville area. When you’re ready to open up the pool, you’ll also need to think about storage ideas for pool floats, toys, and equipment. There are some easy ways to keep everything close at hand and in good shape throughout the upcoming pool season.

Protecting Your Pool and Toys

Sun and water make summer a little more fun for you and your friends and family. Your pool and pool floats, though, need to be protected from the very things that give you such enjoyment. The plastic in floats, noodles, and other pool toys can break down when left out in the sun or left in the water too long. Storing them in a clean, shady spot, so they can dry out between uses, will protect them so you can continue to enjoy them throughout the summer.

Your pool could use some protection as well. At the end of the day, take a look around and pull out any pieces of water balloons, small balls such as tennis balls, and even smaller items like juice boxes. You want to make sure bits of these items don’t end up in your filter or motor. Check around the pool deck for small toys that could be blown into the pool when you’re not using it. If you have toys that have cracks or flakes, toss them out.

Hooks, Benches, and Shelving

While you want to keep your pool floats and maintenance equipment safe and useful throughout the summer, you also want it to be handy. When you and your family are ready to hit the pool, you don’t want to spend time searching for floats, noodles, snorkels, poles, or hoses. With a little creativity, you can have convenience and protective storage.

Hang some large utility hooks along your fencing or deck railing. These work well for hanging hoses and poles. You can also drape noodles and even some floats across the hooks. Plant hangers are great for holding googles and snorkels. A basket or bin hung from a hook can hold smaller toys to keep them dry and out of the pool when you’re not using them.

A wooden bench provides seating and built-in storage. The boxlike base of the bench can hold your floats, nets, and equipment so you’ll have them handy when you need them but they’re out of sight when you are not using them.

Install shelving along your fence or deck railing to hold pool toys and equipment. Another option, instead of solid shelving, is to hang cargo or fishing nets along the railing, attached to a large hook on either side, to hold your pool gear. Pool floats and noodles as well as inflatable toys are often too large or awkward for traditional storage, so a net will work well for these items.

Mobile Storage Options

When your pool doesn’t have a deck or other convenient structure, you can use movable storage solutions to hold your items. Garden benches, deck boxes, or large plastic bins can be put where you need them, out of the way, so you can move them out and grab your gear before hitting the pool.

In fact, you can use some household solutions that you may already have to hold your pool toys and equipment. A large laundry basket is ideal, since it typically has holes for drainage to help dry the toys after you’ve spent the day with them in your pool. A plastic bin with wheels will make it a little easier to move your pool supplies to and from the pool and then stash them out of the way. It’s a good idea to put a few small holes in the bottom of a solid bin so the water will drain out, further protecting your floats, noodles, and other pool toys for another fun day in the Nashville sun!

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