Preparing to move is probably more important than moving day itself. The better prepared you are, the less likely you are to experience surprises. No one knows moving better than we do and we are happy to share so we’ve put together some advice on how to best prepare for your next move.

Make a Moving Timelinepreparing to move

Moving doesn’t actually happen in a day – at least smooth moving doesn’t. You need to start preparing to move at least 6 weeks before your moving date. Your timeline should include planning, researching, budgeting, packing and notification of utility companies among other things. Visit for some great guidelines on building your timeline.

Make a Budget When Preparing to Move

You’ll incur a lot of costs when moving, and we recommend that you put together a budget and plan in advance. Don’t forget to add in any costs to transfer your utilities, update your driver’s license and other fees that may arise after you move into your new home. There’s more to moving than packing, storage, and moving day costs. You’ll want to plan way ahead of time so you can put some extra pennies in the piggy bank.

Hire a Moving Company

Not sure you want to hire a moving company? Once you do your research, you may change your mind. DIY moves come with a lot of hidden costs (our Nashville location talks about some of them on their blog here). Pro movers also have all the equipment needed to move your furniture safely and let’s face it, who really wants to pack and move their own belongings? A professional moving company is worth every dime!

Deep Clean and Declutter

Long before it’s time for packing and moving day, you should start the cleaning and decluttering process. Sort through the things you’ve collected while living in your home and donate and sell those things that you no longer need or that you won’t have a place for in your new home. While you’re at it, give everything a good deep cleaning. Leave your old home spotless and take spotless items with you to your new residence. A new start should be a clean one!

preparing to move

Move Your Valuables in Advance

If at all possible, we highly recommend packing up and moving your valuables ahead of time and putting them safely away. If you can’t get into your new home in advance of moving day, then consider packing up valuables and placing them in the safety of your own car. Moving day is hectic and accidents happen if things like jewelry are left unsecured in drawers or jewelry boxes.

Keep Your Eyes on the Bare Necessities

Last but not least, pack up those important items that you’ll need immediately (or in an emergency) in clear plastic bins where they won’t get mixed up with other boxes. We recommend making sure your coffee pot is included in these bins, but then again, we really like our coffee! You may be more worried about your insurance documents, your hair dryer, a few changes of clothes and some basic cookware.

It may not be all of the details, but we hope we’ve given you a good place to start in preparing to move. If you’ve made your timeline, put together your budget, and are ready to hire your movers, give us a call. We’ll send someone to your door for a free estimate and help you keep the plan moving forward!

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