Preparing to sell your house is no small feat, but believe it or not, your friendly neighborhood moving and storage company can be a HUGE help! We may not be able to help with choosing a realtor, (though our sister company in Nashville does have some good advice), and landscaping and repairs aren’t our forte, but we’ll come in quite handy with the rest of your needs. Just take a peek at few home sales preparation tips and find out how we at Fox can help.

Decluttering and Depersonalizing When Preparing to Sell Your House

While your gut instinct may be to keep your home “homey”, it’s actually better to declutter and depersonalize. A buyer needs a blank canvas where they can imagine their own family and belongings. You’ll want to remove books from bookcases, and then probably remove the bookcases too, but we’ll get to that later. Scale down the family photos and personalized decor – let them see themselves living in your home instead of leading them to wonder who lives there already. Eliminate knick knacks, clear off kitchen counters, and hide your style. You don’t want someone to feel that your home just isn’t their style. Think about whether you use things regularly and if you don’t, then pack them away!

preparing to sell your house

Less is More When It Comes to Furniture When Preparing to Sell Your House

Carefully walk through each room when you’re preparing to sell your house and determine how you can stage your home with less furniture. You want your house to be easy to navigate. Don’t block walkways and remember that less furniture makes rooms look larger.  Again, think about eliminating the stylized feel to the room. Your goal is to leave enough furniture to showcase a room’s purpose but lots of room to move around.

Organize Those Closets When Preparing to Sell Your House

Home buyers just love to snoop around! We all care about closet space, so don’t doubt that your shoppers will be opening those doors! You’ll want to clean out those closets and get them organized. Much like the less-is-more rule with furniture, the less clutter you have in your closets, the larger they will appear. If it’s just in your closet because you don’t have any other place to put it, move it out, or better yet, get rid of it!

How Fox Moving Can Help When Preparing to Sell Your House

At Fox, we do more than just moving! Take advantage of our packing and storage services. We have all the specialized packing materials and boxes you need to help you declutter and rearrange – from dish crates to wardrobe boxes. You’ll be able to keep your cherished belongings safe while they are out your sight and the sight of your potential buyers. If you need a few extra hands to help you pack, we’ve got ’em, and we have storage services, short term and long, to help you make more room in your home!