reasons to hire a professional mover

You likely have a very clear idea of what professional movers are for. When you need to relocate to a new home, you can call a pro to get the job done quickly and easily. But there are other reasons to hire a professional mover.

Contrary to popular belief, not all movers are costly. Plus, as movers, we are capable of providing many more services that just residential moving. We can pick up items from retail stores, move items from one part of your home to another or relocate your entire business.

Let’s look at four surprising reasons to hire a professional mover…

It Might Actually Save You Money

That’s right. This whole time you’ve been wondering whether you can afford a pro, when all along it could be saving you money. Consider all the things you will need to purchase or rent when moving on your own.

You might need to rent a truck and moving accessories like dollies. You will need to purchase gas for that truck and offer your loved ones some type of compensation to help you move. There are other small, hidden expenses of moving by yourself that will mount up to a huge cost if you’re not careful.

When you hire a pro, you get all those costs out of the way. Not to mention that your time and energy are also incredibly valuable, so you’ll reap huge rewards by going with a pro.

A Mover Is Invaluable When Delivery Isn’t an Option

You might think of movers as the people you call when you move to a new home or apartment, but one of the most surprising reasons to hire a mover is that they’ll pick up and deliver an item from a retail store or shipper.

We do this all the time at Fox Moving & Storage Atlanta. We can pick up just one single item and have it your way in no time. Our warehouse can also receive shipments 24/7 in case you need a middleman for a delivery.

A Mover Can Relocate Your Business

Movers don’t just relocate people from one residence to another. At Fox Moving & Storage Atlanta, we also move businesses to their new offices. Our team can move the entire contents of a warehouse or your most delicate office equipment.

We offer commercial moving services to businesses looking to relocate from one part of Atlanta to another or to move here from another city or state. We know how important it is to move businesses quickly and on schedule.

Movers Can Shuffle Around Items in Your Home

Let’s say you have a huge desk in your home that you need moved up a flight of stairs. It’s so heavy that it would be impossible to move it on your own. How in the world are you going to make that happen? Well, you guessed it, simply call a professional mover and that desk will be moved safely with no damage to your home (or your lower back).

Need More Reasons to Hire a Professional Mover? Give Us a Call

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