You’ve landed a new career opportunity and are ready to relocate to Knoxville. Or, you live in the area but have found a terrific new home for you and your family in another part of town. That’s great news! Now, you need to figure out how to make the move as easy and stress-free as possible for you and your kids. You’re wondering how to relocate as a single parent. It can be done, with a little preparation and planning.


The key to be able to relocate as a single parent is to start planning as soon as possible. Make a list of everything that might possibly need to be done and then assign dates to those tasks. Put them on your calendar so you’ll know what you need to accomplish when.

Start your list with the need to declutter and organize your possessions. Your kids have probably accumulated a lot of things that just don’t need to be moved. Plan to donate, discard, or otherwise clean out their closets and rooms as well as your own before you move.

Learn About the New Neighborhood

To make the move a little easier for the kids, find out as much about your new neighborhood as you can. Where will the kids go to school? Where will you do your grocery shopping? Are there parks nearby? Find some interesting attractions that will get your kids more excited about living there.

If you are able, do a drive-through with the kids so they can envision their home and neighborhood as your family prepares to move. Depending on their ages, point out where they can play or go shopping with friends. It will help you as well, removing the stress and anticipation.


When you are preparing to relocate as a single parent, it is very important that you keep the kids informed throughout the process. Tell them you’re going to move as soon as you know. Communicate with them in a positive way, sharing with them how exciting the move and new home will be. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Kids are curious about everything and will undoubtedly want to know as much as possible about their new home.

Involve the Kids

As a single parent, you will be incredibly busy the closer you get to moving day. You’ll need help and some of that help can come from your children. If you have very young kids, you might need to get a friend or neighbor to watch them periodically while you complete some of the tasks on your list. Especially on moving day, if they can be occupied by someone else for a while it will definitely make your move easier.

However, even the youngest of children can help you in the moving process. They can plan what they want their new room to look like, drawing pictures for you to show where they’d like everything placed. You can also involve them in decorating your moving boxes so they’ll become familiar with the boxes and understand what they contain. Teenagers, of course, can pack and can help carry things on moving day. They can also do some research about their new neighborhood for you.

Stay Positive

One of the most important things you can do when you have to relocate as a single parent is to stay positive. Your good attitude will help the children understand that the move is a good thing for your family. Even if you are worried or are stressed by the long list of tasks and the shortening days on the calendar, do not let your kids see your anxiety. You want them to continue to be encouraged and excited so the move will, indeed, be a positive one for everyone.

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