It’s time to get outside in the greater Charlotte area! Spring is here and so are the gardening and landscaping opportunities. When you do a lot of work in your yard, you probably need a good place to store your tools and equipment. Here are some tips on how to select the right outdoor storage shed for your needs.

Consider Your Available Space

The first thing to do is to take a look at your yard and decide where the shed should go. Then measure that space to determine how much room you have for a building. You’ll also need to keep in mind other considerations, such as the size of a foundation for the shed, which should be a foot larger than the structure on all sides. Also check out any issues with necessary setbacks from roads or property lines.

Plan for Items You’ll Store

What are you going to put in your backyard building? Will you keep large items such as lawnmowers and possibly even an ATV? Even if you plan to store tools and smaller things, you’ll need to make sure it’s big enough to hold it all and give you some walking around space. Think about whether you’ll want a workspace within the shed, so you have a place to pot your plants for example.

Will you use it to store sports equipment or lawn furniture? Are you planning to store your holiday decorations there? You may need room for some shelving to organize all of your different types of items. Remember that height can also be a consideration when determining the right outdoor storage shed for you. You’ll want to be sure that tall ladders will fit in, if that’s where you want to keep them.

Decide on an Appropriate Look

You definitely want your outdoor storage shed to fit in with the look of your backyard and your home. The structure’s outside appearance can be just as important as its function for your gardening and landscaping adventures. A building that matches the style of your home will become an attractive feature in your yard and garden.

Consider matching colors or design so that the structure blends in and complements your home. For example, a rustic design would match well with a country style house. A more formal house would need a shed with more formal features. Does your home feature arched windows? Look for a building with a similar design.

You can even integrate the shed into your landscaping theme. The right plants can also help your structure blend into your yard. Plant some garden beds around the base of the building, using annuals or perennials. For a shed with wood siding, a trellis can be very attractive with vine plants growing up the side wall.

Check on Community Regulations

Before you decide on the perfect outdoor storage shed for your home, make sure you are following all the rules of your community, including any homeowner’s association or city regulations. Do some research to find out about zoning law restrictions. Ask about height restrictions as well. Usually, a smaller structure does not need prior approval but it’s best to know before you install anything. In addition, make sure you know where you can place the shed, as some regulations require such a structure to be at least three feet from your property line.

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