save money moving

On this we can all agree – moving is stressful. Don’t let the expense of it make the whole thing even more stressful. It IS possible save money on moving. Step by step, we walk you through ways to save a buck or two without cutting the valuable corners that put you and your belongings at risk.

Where do you start to save money on moving? Your budget.

All things start with a plan including money saving moving strategies. When setting your budget, make sure that you take into account packing supplies and any possible packing, moving, and storage services you’ll need. Additionally, you’ll need to plan for transfer or deposit fees for utilities and any cleaning fees or balances due on rent at your current home or apartment.

Move at the right time to save money on moving.

Moving is seasonal and you can save money on moving by planning your move at an off peak time whether it be cold, winter months, the time immediately after a new school year starting, or simply moving mid-week instead of weekends. The end of the month is busy too, so plan earlier rather than later.

Save money on moving by hiring professionals.

What? You heard that right. Save money on moving by spending money. We all know time is money and professional movers are going to get you packed, relocated, and settled into your new home in record time. That’s not to mention the money you may save on potential injuries and damaged goods, both of which are common if you try to save a buck with a DIY move.

save money moving

Save money on moving with a binding, in home estimate.

I’m sure you already plan on gathering a few moving estimates, but we highly recommend that you request binding estimates. These are conducted in-home and you should never pay for one. Only when a moving estimator sees all of the exact inventory intended for moving and what will be required can they can give you a binding estimate. A binding estimate won’t change if your move takes longer than expected and it will help you stick to your budget.

Clean out those closets.

Scale down with a closet cleanse. First of all, you’ll have less to move which cuts on packing and moving expenses. Less to move. Second, you can sell the things you don’t that need that still have value and you can use that money to offset moving costs.

Last but not least, see if you’re eligible for tax deduction.

If you happen to be moving because you’ve changed jobs and your new workplace will be located less than 50 miles from your home, then it may be possible that you are eligible for certain tax deductions related to packing, transportation and storage expenses.
save money moving

How NOT to save money on moving.

There are some “tips” out there you should ignore because they put you and your belongings at risk.

  • Don’t use brokers. Brokers aren’t movers and their business practices have cost buyers thousands in unexpected expenses.
  • Don’t use “free” boxes. Free boxes are used boxes and may not be in good enough condition to protect your belongings. They may also not be meant for bearing the needed weight for packing your home.
  • Don’t skimp on packing materials when it comes to your valuables. Newspapers are meant for reading, not for packing your family heirlooms. The print can messy your fine China and may not keep your fragile goods from breaking.
  • Don’t shop just on price and watch for hidden costs like travel fees, bulky item fees, or elevator and distance charges.

Call us or request a quote for help with setting your moving budget

and we’ll send an estimator to your home for one those handy in-home, no cost estimates.