Whether you’re on a tight budget or are just looking for ways to reduce your moving costs, you have a lot of options. Moving costs can add up, particularly if you are moving to another state, but you can save money on your move by following these helpful tips.

Plan Ahead

The first step in any move is to plan. Determine ahead of time what will be involved in your move, including what your expenses will be. Develop a budget based on what you can afford and on your realistic expectation of what the move will cost. You can get free estimates from your moving company, so you’ll be able to include that in your budget.

Schedule Utilities

Contact the utility companies ahead of time and arrange for your accounts to be disconnected or transferred on the day of your move. You don’t want to spend money on utilities at your old place after you’ve moved out and you don’t need to start your service at your new place before you move in. When you plan ahead, it will help you to save money on your move.


Moving items that you do not use or no longer want will add to the cost of your move unnecessarily. Take the time to go through all of your possessions and determine whether you really want to move everything. What can be donated or discarded? Would family members like to have certain pieces of furniture or items of clothing that you’d prefer not to move? You can save money on your move by not moving everything!

Beyond saving money, you can actually make money with a garage sale before you move. You can also take clothes or furniture to a consignment store, where they will sell them for you. Put the money you earn toward your moving budget.

Prepare Meals Ahead of Time

One of the biggest challenges in moving is what and how you are going to eat while you are moving and after you arrive in your new home. You can prepare meals ahead of moving day and freeze them, so all you have to do is defrost and heat them up when you move in to your new place. Pack a separate box of plates and eating utensils and you won’t have to spend extra money on fast food while you’re searching for your kitchen items.

Pack Smart

Instead of spending time searching for used boxes, you can purchase sturdy and clean new boxes from your moving company. You won’t have to worry about boxes falling apart, which could potentially damage your items and cost you more money. The moving company will also have professional supplies, such as packing paper and tape.

Use the original packaging for electronics such as TVs and gaming devices. If you don’t have the original boxes, use soft blankets to wrap these and other delicate items, to protect them during the move. Old newspapers can also work for wrapping and protecting fragile items such as dishes.

Time Your Move

You can save money on your move by avoiding the most popular season, which typically runs from May through August. Most people move during the summer months, after their children are out of school and before they start up again. If you have the option to move during the off-season, your mover will be less busy and less expensive.

Likewise, most people move over the weekend. Moving on a weekday will help you save money on your move. If you can move during the middle of the month, that is also a less busy time for most movers. Typically, leases are up at the end of the month so the last day of each month is a busier, and more expensive, time to move.

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