It’s time to move! Whether you’re purchasing your first home, moving into a new apartment, or relocating for work, you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and stress. We’re here to help you answer many of the most important questions about hiring a moving company, including how far in advance to schedule movers.


Planning Your Move

Before you reach out to Nashville movers, take the time to plan your move. This will help you to determine your needs, your budget, and your schedule. It’s always good to start this part of the process as early as possible, so that you can account for any surprises or minute details that may arise.

Here are a few of the steps you should take to proactively plan your move.

Determine Whether You Want to Do the Packing

Do you dread packing up your home? Would you like to leave fragile dishes, heavy workout equipment, and stacks of books to the professionals? Moving companies like Fox Moving and Storage Nashville often offer packing services in addition to transportation.

Schedule a Garage Sale or Trip to the Donation Center

Before you even load the truck, set aside time to go through your home and label objects for donation or sale. In the process, you’ll be able to find new homes for old clothing, unnecessary supplies, and furniture that may not fit in your new space. As a bonus, you’ll no longer be responsible for moving the items you don’t want to own anymore.

Get More Than One Quote

If you’re looking to hire professional movers, be sure that you get a few different quotes. A legitimate moving company should examine your property – either via video chat or an in-person visit – before providing an estimate.

Consider Your Schedule

It’s always easier to plan a move in advance. If possible, create a timeline. When do you need to vacate your current property? What is the closing date on your new home? Make notes about specific details, like dates and times for utility transfers. By looking ahead, you’ll have a better chance of booking your movers for the date you want.


How Far in Advance to Schedule Movers

As industry insiders, we’ve learned a lot about patterns and trends for moving companies. We hope that some of our top tips can help you to schedule movers in time for a flawless, stress-free relocation.

Our advice? Book as early as you can. This helps you to secure your moving team while making time to get multiple quotes. How far in advance should you schedule movers? The answer actually depends on your plans. If you’re one of the 13.6% of Americans who move every year, the below is especially important.

  • If you’re moving during peak season (between Memorial Day and Labor Day), book your move at least two months in advance.
  • If you’re moving in the winter, you can wait until two to four weeks before the day to schedule movers.
  • If your move covers a long distance, arrange for services sooner rather than later. The general standard is eight weeks in advance of your moving date. If you’d like a specific company to handle your relocation, you may need to book more than four months ahead of time.
  • If your move is complex or large, provide the moving company with advanced notice. This will allow them to allocate the proper time, equipment, and manpower to your project. Things that can complicate a move include stair carries, elevators, and fragile or oddly shaped items.


Schedule Movers on Short Notice

While it’s always preferable to schedule your move in advance, sometimes circumstances require you to relocate on short notice. Maybe a pipe has burst in your apartment, or you’ve received an urgent job offer. Regardless of why you have to move, there are resources available.

If you’re in need of last-minute movers, contact a service like Fox Moving and Storage Nashville. Our professional team is able to move your belongings on as little as one hour’s notice. Whether your friends are unavailable to help or your moving truck reservation has fallen through, we’re standing by to do the heavy lifting.


Your Nashville Movers

Fox Moving and Storage Nashville is proud to offer outstanding local and long-distance moving services in Tennessee and beyond. Our professionals are ready to help you at any time of day. To schedule movers or learn more about our services, contact us.