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Many experts recommend moving over the summer, allowing children to fit it more easily with the natural rhythms of the school year. Even summer moves require thinking ahead to be sure children get off to a good beginning.

Find out the start date for the next school year. Many regions of the country start classes in early August or offer year-round schedules. Enroll your kids in their new school as early as possible. Many schools start making their class schedules in spring. Don’t forget to ask for the try out schedules for fall sports teams and activities.

Try to enroll your kids in summer activities, which will allow them the opportunity to make friends and get involved in the community. Remember, summer programs fill up first; so talk to your kids as soon as possible to plan which programs interest them.


Some say this is a great time to move school-aged children. They arrive in your new community and immediately jump into an environment full of potential friends and activities.

If you are moving within the community, think about allowing your kids the chance to finish out the school year in their current school. Check with your school for their policy on attendance based address.

Prepare your kids for a mid-year move. Be sure they get a chance to say goodbye to their friends from their old school. Visit the new school if possible before the first day. Arrange to meet teachers, principals and see classrooms. This helps ease the first day jitters.

Keep tabs on how the kids are doing. Their teachers can give you a clearer picture on how your children are adjusting to their new surroundings.