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As we turn the corner into a New Year, the FOXCARES team thought particularly long and hard about the right organization to partner with to kick off 2019. We ultimately chose the Sexual Assault Center (SAC) because of the pivotal role they play in the fresh new starts of sexual assault survivors. Read more about SAC below and book your January 2019 move with Fox Moving and Storage to show your support to this valuable Nashville Non-Profit.

We’ll be donating $10 of EVERY January move directly to SAC!

Since 1978, the Sexual Assault Center—Middle Tennessee’s ONLY nonprofit exclusively serving sexual assault and sexual abuse survivors (ages 2 through the elderly)—has provided therapy, counseling, and advocacy services to more than 25,000 victims of sexual violence.

Half of those served by SAC are children.  With four decades of experience in the field of caring for sexual assault survivors of all ages, backgrounds, identities, ethnicities, and income levels, they are recognized as a national model of excellence for providing trauma-informed, victim-centered care.  They are also home to the SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Examination) Clinic that opened just three months ago that has already provided 24/7 care to victims of rape.

Nashville’s SAFE Clinic is one of only a handful of specially designed centers that provide rape kits and victim-centered care and services in the country.

With the advent of the #MeToo Movement, the media stories about child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, and the daily reporting of sexual assault, the public is coming forward now at higher rates than ever before and they need the care that SAC is trained to provide.  In fact, the need for that is so great that, even with 50 therapists, advocate services specialists, and prevention team members on staff at SAC, there is still a waiting list of more than 100 people who need to to be placed with an individual therapist! More than a dozen of those on the waiting list are children.  While people are on the waiting list, they are provided with group therapy and advocate services to help them navigate the medical and legal systems—but SAC needs greater financial support to bring on board more therapists (English and Spanish speakers).

In the past 12 months, the demand for services by survivors of sexual violence in the Nashville area has gone up a staggering 88%. 

The Sexual Assault Center is committed to serving families and individuals in crisis right here in our community. With your help, we can assist them in providing healing and hope to the people who are traumatized by the sexual violence that NO ONE deserves. They need our help more than ever!

This year alone, SAC will serve more than 1300 victims of rape and sexual assault.  In the 30-day period between October and November of 2018, the calls to their 24/7 Crisis Hotline surged 540%!

Book your January move with Fox Moving and Storage and help us to help SAC!