Most of us like to plan out moves months in advance. However, that’s not always possible. If you need to relocate with minimal lead time due to a career change, home emergency, or other extenuating circumstance, consider contracting the services of short notice movers.


Potential Reasons for a Short Notice Move

There are many reasons that you may require short notice moving services through a company like Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga. The most common causes of a last-minute move?

  • A surprise promotion or job offer in a new town
  • Friends and family backing out on offers of help
  • The inability to renew a lease on your apartment or home
  • Your original moving company not showing up

No matter what the reason is for your short notice move, it’s important to handle your relocation with care. Avoid panicking – instead, focus on transforming the intimidating task of a last-minute move into more manageable pieces.


Advice for Those Hiring Short Notice Movers

If you need to move on short notice, it’s important to efficiently manage your affairs.

Begin by first making a timeline of your relocation. How much time is left before moving day? Two weeks? A few days? Then, break your needs down into an easy-to-understand checklist. Which tasks need to be completed before you leave?

Don’t get so caught up in the shuffle that you neglect change of address forms, forget to transfer utilities, or lose track of important documents. Give each to-do a specific deadline so that you can work through the list in a sensible order. With proper planning, even the most urgent move can be easily managed.

Here are some of the most important moving checklist items:

  • Sort out your closets, cabinets, attic and basement spaces, sheds, and other storage areas
  • Determine which items to donate or dispose of (clothes, decorations, toiletries)
  • Notify important places (schools, banks, doctors, and pharmacies) about your move
  • Purchase moving supplies or arrange to receive them through your short notice movers
  • Contact the utility companies at your current and new addresses to transfer services
  • Set aside items you will need during the moving process (makeup, toothbrushes, important documents, and work materials)
  • Make a plan for how you will transport your pets
  • Secure temporary storage, if needed


Should You Hire Short Notice Movers or DIY?

This is the most common question asked by those navigating a last-minute move. When you are stressed about the process of quickly relocating, it is recommended to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

While moving by yourself may seem cheaper on paper, there are many hidden expenses like rental truck mileage fees and packing materials. Hiring short notice movers is an easy way to save time and efficiently pack, transport, and unload your belongings much more quickly than you could on your own – on average, a full team of movers will be better trained and more well equipped than friends and family members.

In the event of an emergency relocation, it’s best to trust the professionals than to attempt an improvised self-move.


Avoid the Most Common Short Notice Moving Mistakes

When you are preparing to relocate in a limited period of time, it’s inevitable that some things will fall through the cracks. These are the mistakes most commonly made by people attempting to move quickly, either across the country or around the corner. With proper preparation, you can avoid these pitfalls and ensure a successful move.

Not Requesting In-Home Estimates

Even if your time is limited, it is almost always possible to get an in-home estimate for your move from registered professionals. Avoid a surprise bill by having your short notice movers provide you with a comprehensive estimate. If you’re able, get at least three quotes and choose the lowest realistic option – beware of “too good to be true” moving rates or sky-high short notice moving fees.

Packing Without a Plan

When time is of the essence, it’s important to be thorough. Resist the urge to toss everything into unlabeled boxes. Be diligent about separating your items and clearly labeling each box. This will make packing easier, and it’ll also help you to get settled in more quickly.

Moving Everything Without Downsizing

We all have some amount of clutter sitting around our homes. Take at least a few hours to pare down your junk drawer, outgrown clothing, never-worn shoes, and any items irrelevant to your new locale. For example, if you are relocating from snowy Michigan to the balmy Florida Keys, you should find new homes for heavy winter clothing, snow shovels, and outdoor gear.

Ignoring Safety

When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to neglect proper safety. When the big day arrives, take care to avoid injury by practicing proper lifting technique, securing pets and children, and selecting proper, close-toed footwear with good traction.


Your Same Day Movers in Chattanooga

Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga understands that life isn’t always predictable. If you require special attention in an emergency moving situation, it is important to find a reliable, affordable short notice moving solution. Contact us for more information about our short notice moving services.