Living in a small apartment can have a lot of advantages as well as some challenges. You may not need much room for your furniture or other possessions, but you do enjoy riding a bicycle on a regular basis. How do you keep a bike, or multiples bikes, in your home when there is not a lot of space? Check out these five creative ways to store bikes in a small apartment.

Think Vertically

When there is not much space between the walls, go up. Traditional bike racks are made to fit in a horizontal space. However, there are racks made specifically for small areas that enable you to get your bike off the floor. You can hang your bike vertically on racks or hangars on which you attach your bike’s front wheel. Some vertical racks even unfold from the wall like a Murphy bed so they’re out of the way when you don’t need them.

Use the Wall Space

Looking for options that won’t damage your floors or take up floor space you just don’t have? Mount your bike on a wall. You can use simple hooks or wall mounts that are strong and sturdy, made specifically for hanging heavy bicycles, to secure your bikes to the wall. Get creative and hang color-coordinated paintings or photographs around the bicycle space to make it look like the bikes were meant to be there.

Incorporate Bikes in Your Decorations

Along the same line of thinking, you can use your bikes as part of your small apartment’s decorations. Find some empty wall space or a space that may have been filled by some other bit of decoration and put your bike there instead. For example, you can use your bike as a piece of art in your bedroom, even hanging it over your bed (securely) as a type of headboard. Match your paint scheme to the colors in your bicycle to complete the fully decorated look.

When you find creative ways to store bikes in a small apartment, you can make them look just like a bold piece of art that happens to have a very practical and useful function. Keep your bike clean and fresh looking and display it as décor in your living room or dining room. Display it boldly and proudly so visitors can admire your taste as well as your love of bicycling.

Out-of-Sight Options

Not excited about displaying your bike on a wall or as a piece of decoration in your small apartment? You may not have much extra space but if you do, you can use it to stash the bike out of sight. Tuck it in behind clothes or coats in a closet. Slide it alongside your washer or dryer in a laundry area. Slip it behind the couch or other large piece of furniture in your living room. You won’t need any special hooks or stands, and you won’t have to worry about damaging your walls. Your bike will also be more accessible, easy for you to grab when it’s time to go for a ride.

Outside Options

Many small apartments feature some sort of outdoor space, such as a patio or balcony. What better place for a bicycle than the great outdoors, even if it’s not that great? Most patios and balconies are protected from the rain and other elements, so you can store your bike outside without worrying about it being damaged by the weather. Simply lean your bike against a far wall, so you’ll still have room for a chair or two and a table. If the overhang is sturdy enough, you might also be able to use a hook to hang the bikes so they’ll take up less space. A simple, slender stand can also keep your bike steady and secure on your patio or balcony.

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