Spring is an exciting time of year. The weather turns warmer and flowers start to bloom. Spring is also usually the time when many college students return home for the summer. They probably have a lot of things to bring with them, including furniture, books, and clothes. When you don’t have room for all of that in your home, consider the convenient option of student self storage for the summer.

Prepare for the Move

When it’s time for your college student to move out of their on-campus residence, encourage them to take the time to take a few steps to prepare, rather than simply throwing everything in boxes and bags. If they’ve already arrived home with piles of stuff, you can use these tips to sort through all their possessions and make self storage for the summer a little more organized.

As with any other move, it’s best to sort through everything to be sure it needs to be moved back home or stored. Some items can be discarded or donated. Clothes that they’ve worn out or outgrown, for example, don’t need to take up space in your home or in self storage. Textbooks that they no longer need and will probably never open again can be sold back to the bookstore or to other students preparing to take those same classes.

Clean Items to Be Stored

Before putting away blankets, sheets, coats, dishes, and towels for the summer, make sure you are not storing soiled or stained items. Wash and dry clean everything before packing it away. Don’t forget to wipe off snow or mud from winter boots. You don’t want to open boxes in the fall that are full of things that still need to be cleaned before they can be used.

Get Organized

Knowing which boxes go where is one of the very important rules of moving. It also holds true for moving your student’s stuff in and out of school. If they have not done so before leaving college, take the time after they arrive home to go through all of their items and sort them by category. Use sturdy boxes or stackable bins so you can maximize their self storage space.

Once you have divided everything up into categories that make sense, such as winter clothing, bedding, dishes, and school supplies, place the items in the appropriate container and label the boxes or bins. When it comes time to gather the containers from self storage and return to school, you’ll know where everything is located.

Find the Right Storage Space

Does your student have furniture, such as a chair or futon, to store during the summer? Do they have sports equipment that won’t be used until they return in the fall? Are there stacks of bins with clothes, books, and linens?

Determine how big a storage space you’ll need so you can keep all of their possessions in one place throughout the summer. It can be very frustrating to find that your storage space is not large enough and you still have to keep some things in your home – and in the way – during the summer.

Keep It All Together

When you store your student’s items in one place for the summer, you’ll know exactly what needs to go back with them this fall. Their winter clothes and dishes won’t be scattered throughout your house and there won’t be any stress over whether they’ve forgotten anything when they pack up the car to head back. You and your student will know that everything in self storage is safe and secure and ready to go back to their college residence for another great year at school.

Call Fox Moving and Storage Atlanta for Student Self Storage Options

You don’t want to spend the summer tripping over all of your college student’s things. At Fox Moving and Storage Atlanta, we offer secure, climate-controlled storage options that suit your specific needs. You can free up space in your house and still know that your student’s furniture, winter clothes, and linens are safe and sound and will be ready for them to use this fall.

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