May is National Moving Month, launching the busiest moving season of the year. Most people in the US move between May and September. The summer months are particularly popular for families to move, after one school year ends and before the next one begins. While the COVID-19 pandemic may affect the details of your move somewhat, there are still some basic tips and guidelines that will help ensure your summer moving plans go smoothly.

Make Sure Everyone Stays Hydrated

Keep bottles of cold water handy for you, your family, and your movers. Water not only keeps you hydrated but it can also help keep your energy up for a long day of packing, moving, and unloading. Of course, staying hydrated is especially helpful during the hot summer months but it is important to drink plenty of water the rest of the year as well!

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Don’t worry about how you look! It’s more important to feel comfortable when in the middle of a summer moving adventure. Wear light, breathable clothes such as those made from cotton and comfortable, closed-toe shoes and socks. Stay away from dark, heavy clothing. Also, be sure you are wearing plenty of sunscreen when you are outside.

Keep Your Homes Cool

Atlanta gets very hot and humid during the summer. If you are moving locally within the Atlanta area, try to turn on your air conditioning the night before you move. If that is not possible, turn on the air in your new home as soon as you arrive and before you move your items in so it will start cooling down for you and your movers.

Keep Your Electronics Cool and Dry

Your electronics, including smart phones, laptops, smart TVs, and even some of your appliances do not do well in the hot summer weather either. Pack them separately and keep them in air-conditioned environments as long as possible. If you need to load them on a moving truck, make your electronic items are the last items placed on the truck and the first items taken off. It is also a good idea to wrap plastic around your electronics or pack them in a waterproof tub, as summer showers happen almost daily and could cause damage to unprotected items.

Think Before Packing

The hot and humid Atlanta summer can melt some things very quickly. For example, candles can melt like chocolate if left in a hot truck for too long. In addition to your electronic items, think about how (and where) you are packing your videos and CDs, which can also melt or warp fairly quick in the hot summer sun. Be sure you place items that are susceptible to heat in a safe and cool area.

Time Your Move

Summer moving success is all in the timing. When you plan your move, consider the time of day as well as which day you will choose to move. Very early in the day is the best time to do almost everything in the hot, muggy summer months in Atlanta. Temperatures and humidity levels are usually lowest in the early morning hours. Starting early will also help you beat the traffic. 8am or earlier would be an ideal time to start your move. If you cannot plan a move for early morning, the early evening hours are second best, after the temperatures cool down a bit.

Moving in the middle of the month will save you a bit of stress as well. Most people move at the very end or the very beginning of the month. If you can plan your summer moving adventure for the less popular days in the middle of the month, you’ll have an easier time finding a truck or hiring a professional mover.

Holiday weekends are also very popular times to move, when people tend to have an extra day off from work. That also means a truck or a professional mover may be more difficult to find and they will probably be more expensive for you during a summer holiday weekend. Of course, there is also the holiday traffic – and possible detours for parades – that you will encounter as you move to your new home. Avoid summer moving on holiday weekends such as Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

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