Moving can be an exciting, positive life event for you! Whether you’re moving locally within the Knoxville area or long-distance, you can look forward to moving to a new home when you take the time to plan your move. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, if you’ve closed on a house or accepted a new job, you can move safely when you take appropriate precautions. Whenever and wherever you decide to move, it will help you to recognize the five worst mistakes you can make while moving – and how you can avoid them.

#1 – Trying to Take Everything You Own

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they plan their move is to pack everything, thinking they’ll be able to sort through it later. Now is the time to decide what you need to keep (and move) and what can be tossed, donated, or sold. When you pack and move everything you own, without taking the time to get it organized and to get rid of unwanted items, you waste time and materials on packing those unwanted items.

Are there clothes you can’t or don’t wear anymore? Books you’ll never read? Knick-knacks that have no monetary or sentimental value that are simply taking up room? Sort through your possessions as you plan your move and before you pack. You’ll save money, too, as you won’t have the expense of moving those items you no longer need or want.

#2 – Using Recycled Moving Boxes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may well be taking an unnecessary risk by packing for your move with used boxes. Researchers believe that the coronavirus can live on cardboard up to 24 hours. As an alternative, you can purchase plastic bins to use for your move. Wipe the bins down thoroughly after bringing them home from the store. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!

You can also purchase new moving boxes and packing supplies from your mover. In addition to the cleanliness factor, you can be assured that new boxes purchased from professional movers will be sturdy enough to protect even your most fragile items.

#3 – Not Deep-Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. If at all possible, thoroughly clean your new home before the movers arrive to unload all of your household items. Hire a professional cleaning service to save yourself some time and additional work. You should also clean all of the items to be moved as well as spaces in your current home that are subject to frequent touches, such as doorknobs, light switches, faucets, and cabinet pulls.

#4 – Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

You have a lot to do when planning your move. You will need to schedule the connection and disconnection of utilities, inform everyone of your new address, sort through all of your possessions to determine what needs to be moved and what doesn’t, and secure help for loading, transporting, and unloading your items. One of the five worst mistakes you can make while moving is not preparing a timeline – and sticking to it – so you can accomplish all of these tasks in a timely manner.

Life is crazy. You may think you’ll have plenty of time “later” to get boxes and pack up your stuff. Many people wait until the last minute to pack and then throw everything in boxes without planning properly. Organizing your items, sorting through and getting rid of stuff you do not want to move, and packing appropriately all take time. Make a plan and stick to it so you can be ready on moving day, without scrambling or worrying about what still needs to be done.

#5 – Trying to Do It All Yourself

A professional mover can help alleviate your stress, by assisting you with planning, packing, and moving your home. One of the most important of the five worst mistakes you can make while moving is trying to do it all yourself. You will have to find help in the form of friends and neighbors strong enough and willing to lift your heaviest furniture and carry it to your truck, which you will have to rent. If you are not sure how to properly pack your most fragile items, you may fear that they will not survive the move. Hiring professional help may actually be less expensive in the long run, as it will save you time, work, and worry.

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