Moving day is STRESSful, but your pro movers are there to help ease the pain! That said, there are a number of things that YOU can do (and not do) to equally ease your pro movers’ pain. It is appreciated and we promise that the day will go smoother if you spend a little time committing to memory these 7 things that your pro movers want you to know.

Don’t WAIT! – What does that mean? It means that not only do we recommend you not wait until the last minute to book your move, but also, DON’T WAIT to pack! Unless you have enlisted the help of your pro movers in the packing process, (yes! we offer full packing services!), then have your whole home packed and ready to go on moving day. Don’t hold off on those “last few items”. You may be surprised how much you may your delay your move if you aren’t all packed and ready to go. Not to mention that yours often won’t be the only move your crew is responsible for that day. Everyone is happier if you’re ready to GO. 🙂

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Show and Tell. – Label your boxes CLEARLY and then use your words and gestures. 🙂 If it’s particularly fragile, label the box, on all sides, and then don’t feel bad pointing out your most fragile items when your movers arrive. Let them know about anything and everything that needs a little extra TLC and then consider finding a safe, out of the way place for the boxes to be placed in your new home.

Steer Clear. – Your pro movers are just that… pro movers. You researched and selected them carefully and trusted them with your precious belongings, so get out of the way and let them do what they do best! You may think you’re being helpful, but more than likely, you’re getting in the way. Once you complete your show and tell walkthrough, just steer clear of your pro movers and let them get to work ( just stay nearby in case they have questions). It will make things go quicker if they aren’t working around you, we promise. 😉

Boxes Matter! – Don’t pack heavy items in large boxes. Pro movers lift and relocate heavy furniture all day long, but that doesn’t mean they want to have to heft boxes that weigh the same as your couch does too! Heavier items = smaller boxes. Lighter items = larger boxes. While we’re on the topic of boxes, it’s worth mentioning that your movers really want you to know that purchasing the right TYPE of boxes makes everyone’s life easier on moving day. All those types of boxes have a purpose and keep your belongings SAFE. (And if you pack your own belongings, the responsibility is yours!) Wardrobe boxes, dish boxes, varying sized boxes, we recommend them ALL.

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Insurance Matters MORE! – Why? Because accidents happen whether you move yourself or hire pro movers. A company as successful as Fox Moving and Storage often performs 300+ moves a month, so a few people are going to deal with loss and damage (we do our BEST, we swear!!). Inevitably, a customer looking at a broken table leg is going to turn to their movers for answers on coverage, but coverage is a decision to be made BEFORE moving day. Know your options and seriously consider your level of coverage!

Handle the Little Things. – And by little things, we mean the little things with value. Jewelry, cash, and medications need to move with you. Why risk it? Not to mention, do you really want to sort through all your boxes when you need to take your medication?

Your Pro Movers WILL Be Grateful! – You knew it was coming….yes, your pro movers want you to know that tipping, while not required, is standard practice. It’s back breaking work, they handle your most treasured items, and if they do it well, reward them. (If you want to know how much to tip them, this article may help.) If you’re the kind of customer who likes to really show appreciation, think drinks and snacks while your crew is working- especially on those hot TN days!

Ready to hire your pro movers now that you’ve got the do’s and dont’s down?

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