moving to a smaller location

When it comes to a home, bigger isn’t always better. Moving to a smaller location can be a blessing in disguise. It gives you the chance to simplify your life and cut down on all the upkeep necessary with larger spaces. To make the most of your new home, you should consider a few key things about what to keep and what to get rid of.

Downsizing presents some surprising opportunities, all of which you should be taking advantage of. Here are five tips to keep in mind when moving to a smaller location…

Find Opportunities to Pare Down

You might be dreading the idea of getting rid of some of your possessions, but you shouldn’t be. Living in a bigger space enables us to pile up a lot of clutter. When moving to a smaller location, we have the chance to get rid of any non-essential items and simplify our lives. To make those tough choices, consider…

  • What are my most essential items?
  • What are the things I own that I never use?
  • What can I live without?
  • What big pieces furniture could be replaced with something more practical?

The huge couch that fits perfectly in your current living room might not cut it in your new home. By selling it and buying a smaller alternative, you have a chance to mix things up.

Leverage What You Don’t Need

Downsizing lets you get rid of things you don’t need, and that could lead to other opportunities. If you’re considering what to do with unwanted belongings, here are a few suggestions:

  • Sell your unwanted items online. Here’s your opportunity to make a profit when parting with all those things that won’t fit in your new home. This could cover some of your moving expenses, and it could give you some cash to buy smaller alternatives for cumbersome furniture.
  • Donate to charity. If you think that nobody wants those piles of clothes you no longer wear or the dresser that is collecting dust in your garage, then think again. The possessions that hold no value to you could make all the difference for someone else.
  • Offer things to friends and family. You’d be surprised how the item you want to give away is the exact thing your friend or family member is looking for. If you have people helping you move, let them have the first pass on your expendables.

Don’t think of parting with the things you no longer want as a chore. Use it instead to make a little money, help others or show your appreciation to those lending you a helping hand.

Maximize Your Space in Your New Home

There are countless clever ways to make the most of smaller spaces. Mounting items on walls or installing shelves and racks in your new home might just be a solution to some of your downsizing problems.

For example, if your current method of storing shoes is piling them up in your closet, consider a shoe rack that hangs from the back of your closet or bedroom wall. These types of affordable, space-saving options can help you keep your must-have items in a much smaller living space.

Use Storage Space for Items You Want to Keep

When sorting your items into must-have and must-go piles, you’ll inevitably come across possessions you need to keep that simply won’t fit in your new home. Storage is a great solution for things that fall into this category. Storing items isn’t as expensive as you might think. At Fox Moving & Storage, we provide affordable pricing for both short- and long-term storage.

Rethink Future Purchases

The best way to make a smaller home even more livable is to avoid buying things that will take up too much space. If you were living in a bigger home or apartment, you had the luxury of not worrying about the size of purchases. After moving to a smaller location, you can establish a habit of factoring in the size of all your furniture. In many cases, this has the added benefit of being easy on your pocketbook, too.

Need Help Moving to a Smaller Location in Atlanta? Let Us Help

Moving anywhere creates work, especially when you need to make some of the tough decisions we’ve been discussing. A professional moving company can make life easier and free you up to focus on settling into your new home.

At Fox Moving & Storage Atlanta, we know how to make moving easy. We not only help our customers move quickly and efficiently, we also offer short- and long-term storage space. If you need moving services and a safe spot to store valuable items, we can be a one-stop shop for all your needs.

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