So the time when you have to pack up your entire life into a few boxes and move is around the corner. Just when you thought you were done with all the bubble wrap and tape, you take a look at your walls and realize you still have to pack up all your artwork. Your first instinct may be to throw them in the back of the truck and call it a day, but whether its a Monet or your daughter’s first painting, art has real personal and monetary value – packing it shouldn’t be an afterthought.

To make sure all your canvases and frames arrive in mint condition at your new home, we’ve assembled some tips and advice to help:

Moving your art

Every piece of art is different, which means that they shouldn’t necessarily be packed in the same way. Prior to loading up the truck ensure that you have the right packing materials for moving your art and that you’re using the best tools for each piece:

tips on moving your art

  • If you’re packing up framed artwork, cover the glass with a heavy piece of cardboard before wrapping. This reduces the gap between the glass and the top of the frame and helps prevent breaking.
  • When it comes to packing artwork, less is not more. If you’re unsure the amount of bubble wrap will do the job, add another layer (maybe two).
  • If you want additional protection for the corners of your frames or canvases, you can purchase specialized cardboard protectors for this purpose.
  • Look for boxes that will appropriately fit your art with as little extra space as possible. Consult with moving companies, who usually carry item specific boxes. If you have to, you can also cut down boxes for a better fit.
  • Label your boxes “fragile” to remind yourself and the movers to treat these boxes with care.

Moving Day

It’s moving day! Your packing is done, boxes are labeled, the carpet has been deep cleaned, and you’re ready to move your art.  How you move it is just as important as how you pack it.

First, remember to inform your movers about the boxes they should pay special attention to. tips on moving your artA large portion of damage to your belongings happens inside the truck, so when it’s time to load your art, ask the movers to place them in an area that will be safe and away from anything that may cause damage. Placing artwork on top of or in-between large, flat furniture that won’t easily shift in transit will help them stay safe.

What’s it worth? Whether it’s monetary or simply emotional, if you have some really valuable pieces, consider transporting those in your vehicle as opposed to the moving truck. This will reduce risk of damage and require less careful packing.

Lastly, don’t forget to look into insurance options, especially for long distance moves. Generally moving companies provide basic level insurance per pound for these items. Depending on your art collection’s value, you may want to exercise those options!

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