If you’re dead serious about your move to Nashville, then it’s time to take some serious things into consideration. Sure, honky tonks can be all the rage, but when it comes to really settling down and getting comfortable in Nashville, we highly recommend visiting and exploring like a local. Nashville’s many eclectic neighborhoods offer an endless supply of stores, restaurants, shopping, bars, entertainment, and scenery that your own two feet can bring you to. So take a stroll through these top 4 walkable neighborhoods in Nashville to help you familiarize yourself with your new city and find the perfect location for a new home.

4 of the Best Walkable Neighborhoods in Nashville

walkable neighborhoods in nashville

4. 12 South

Completely revitalized and bursting with life, 12 South is quickly becoming one of the most sought after areas to live in Nashville. This is home to primarily young families and free-spirited individuals, as you can tell from the moms with strollers ambling down to nearby Sevier Park, or from the freelancers and musicians frequenting the local coffeehouses (our favorite, of course, being Frothy Monkey). We absolutely adore 12 South because this area, apart from its obvious charm, provides some of the best restaurant options in town, including Urban Grub, Josephine’s, Flipside, Burger Up, the spanking new Bar Taco, and Mafiaoza’s for late night action. You can also find several shops in this walkable neighborhood in Nashville that sell everything from vintage finds to modern apparel. In terms of living situations, 12 South mainly consists of higher end single-family homes, but the newly built 12 South Flats offers lower cost option as well. Oh, and there’s a Jeni’s Ice Cream right below it. Need we say more?

walkable neighborhoods in nashville

3. Hillsboro Village

Hillsboro Village is one of our favorite locations to meander through on a beautiful day in Nashville because of its warm, charming ambiance. Situated between Vanderbilt University and Belmont University, this beloved neighborhood is extremely family-friendly, with mostly college students, young adults, and families populating its sidewalk-lined streets. Hillsboro Village has ample housing options ranging from apartments to bungalows and cottage style homes for people who want to live in one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Nashville. In addition, there are over 15 bars and restaurants that you can enjoy while living here, including McDougal’s, Jackson’s, Cabana (which is usually overrun by Vandy students), the infamous Pancake Pantry (with lines wrapping around the block), and Fido (where Taylor Swift has been spotted numerous times). This area also boasts several unique boutiques like Posh and The Impeccable Pig, as well as the Belcourt Theatre, which screens classic, independent, and foreign films. Not to mention, a new Jeni’s Ice Cream just opened in this neighborhood (that’s always a good selling point).

walkable neighborhoods in nashville

2. East End

One of the hottest areas in Nashville right now, East End gets its name from formerly being known as the “east end” (duh) of the Nashville city limits, but is now nestled between several other neighborhoods that have since developed. Regardless, this neighborhood remains more coveted than ever, making you a lucky duck if you snagged a home here before prices soared. East End mainly consists beautifully detailed cottages and craftsman style homes, making this neighborhood interchangeable with the Gulch as the #1 spot depending on your lifestyle preference (condos vs. single-family homes). It’s hard not to fall head over heels for an area like East End, with its mixture of strong community feel and terrific walkability, while being just on the outskirts of the bustle of the city. It’s also home to the 5 Points area, which features excellent restaurants like Marche and Margot Café, as well as a busy nightlife and abundant shopping.

walkable neighborhoods in nashville

1. The Gulch

Located a little bit south of Downtown Nashville, the Gulch is the newest and most exciting urban location, setting the gold standard in Nashville for a live/work/play environment. The Gulch is currently comprised of 4,500 condo units, 17 restaurants, and 15 retail shops, providing everything you could possibly need to maintain a walkable lifestyle. Not to mention, there’s a Barry’s Bootcamp and Hotbox to help you de-stress and shave off those extra calories from treating yourself at nearby restaurants like Cantina Laredo, Burger Republic, Bar Louie, and Watermark. Thinking of dining in and cooking for yourself? No sweat – the Turnip Truck (which is a full-service organic market) is just a few steps out your front door. The Gulch is a perfect location for young adults or people who want to be in the heart of the action in one of our walkable neighborhoods in Nashville, and most of them live in high-rise apartments like Pine Street Flats or the two most desirable condo towers in the city – Icon and Terrazzo. And with a new greenway and bike path, it’s very difficult for any other neighborhood to unseat the Gulch from its rightful walkability throne.