As demand increases for real estate in Nashville, some of the urban core’s most neglected areas of town are shifting from down and sliding to up and coming neighborhoods. There is no doubt that Nashville’s growth seems unlikely to slow anytime soon and demand is not likely to slack off in the residential real estate market. With drastically increasing commute times from the ‘burbs, more and more residents are seeking homes in the urban core. First time home buyers, recent transplants, and homeowners looking to “upgrade” are all looking for the same thing in 2017 – Nashville’s NEXT up and coming neighborhood.

Nashville Up and Coming Neighborhoods – Next on the List!

nashville up and coming neighborhoods

Southeast Nashville / Antioch

There is plenty of conversation lately about Antioch and it’s from-the-ashes ascent. PR problems still abound, but home values are on the rise in Antioch placing firmly it on the list of Nashville’s up and coming communities. IKEA is on the way (Finally!) and commercial developers are bringing not only shiny new office buildings, but businesses (CHS, LKQ, and Bridgestone among them) who are adding jobs. Antioch’s increasing desirability is hardly a secret so don’t wait if you plan to buy before the rise in success translates into a massive rise in housing costs. The area offers growth, affordability and a location near the lake, the airport, and downtown Nashville.


Madtown, as its residents sometimes lovingly call it, is a little higher on the up end of the up and coming list than some others, but it’s still “transitional”. Once a booming suburb and home to the motor mile, over the years, the town has struggled with image issues and crime. Today, though, home-buyers who have been priced out of the more desirable East Nashville and Inglewood markets, have ventured further North up Gallatin Road to the land of more-for-your-money homes in established, tree lined Madison communities. The city offers convenience to popular East Nashville, short commutes to downtown, an active and engaged local business community and future connectivity to downtown via Nashville’s first light rail.

Dickerson Pike

That’s right. Dickerson Pike, despite it’s spotty reputation and high crime rates over the past number of decades, is creeping onto the Nashville up and coming neighborhoods list. It’s not much of a surprise when you consider its close proximity to downtown and skyline views. As East Nashville and Inglewood have begun to stretch outside the budgets of many Nashville home-buyers, much like Madison, Dickerson Pike is beginning to benefit from its close proximity to those havens of local-based and popular businesses on the East side of the river. Developers are taking notice, and residential developments are expected to fuel a rapid commercial revitalization of the area. There may be a ways to go, but it’s time to start paying attention to Dickerson Pike.

Murfreesboro Road – (South of BNA)

Last, but certainly not least, the Murfreesboro Road corridor is trailing close on the heels of rapidly transitioning Nolensville Road and 8th Avenue on the South side of town. With one of the quickest and most direct commutes to downtown, South Nashville, the city’s international corridor, has been on the radar of developers and home buyers for nearly a decade. As home prices are up in much of the South side of town (Woodbine, Radnor, and Glencliff are no longer a steal), Murfreesboro Road is starting to get a little notice. It’s neighborhoods are a little lesser known but offer a host of affordable options from mid century ranchers on large lots to early century cottages. The convenience of Briley parkway is unbeatable and the now under construction MNPD administrative headquarters on Murfreesboro Road is expected to have a positive impact on crime rates and home values.

Are ALL of Nashville’s Neighborhoods Up and Coming?

With so many once spotty neighborhoods creeping onto on up and coming lists in Nashville, it leads one to ask – “Are ALL of Nashville’s neighborhoods up and coming?” The answer is, “Not yet, but almost!” Ultimately, we’re going to see trends upwards in just about any area within 15 miles of downtown. If some of these neighborhoods are on the verge of being “happening”, who knows WHAT’S next! What’s that mean for you? If you’re planning to buy, know where your money is going to be best spent and then buy SOONER rather than LATER.

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