When you are planning your move, you might think about how your furniture will fit in your new home or whether you need to take your appliances along. Often the last thing you think about is how to pack and transport your clothes. Many people simply take their clothes out of the closet and throw them on the back seat of their car to move them. To take better care of your clothes during a move, the best option is to use wardrobe packing boxes.


Leaving your clothes on hangers for your move is definitely a convenience factor and using wardrobe packing boxes allows you to do just that. A metal hanging bar is included with each wardrobe packing box, so it acts just like your own closet. Simply hang your pants, shirts, blouses, skirts, and even dresses as you would at home and your clothes will be protected and ready for your move.

Long-Distance Moving

Whether you are moving to Knoxville or across the country, if your move covers a long distance a wardrobe packing box can help keep your clothes ready to wear once you arrive in your new home. Folding and packing clothes in a suitcase or small box can cause them to be wrinkled when you unpack, so then you have to iron or rewash them before you can wear them. With a wardrobe packing box, you simply take them out of the box and hang them in your new closet and you’re ready to go!

Wardrobe Boxes for Clothes Storage

Wardrobe packing boxes are the perfect solution for storing your clothes. As spring brings warmer weather, you may want to put your winter clothes in storage. You can hang winter coats and jackets, as well as pants and long-sleeved shirts in a wardrobe packing box to prepare them for summer storage. It’s as easy as hanging them on the metal bar, taping the box closed, and labeling it so it’ll be ready for you when the cooler weather returns.

Tips for Preparing Clothes Before Moving

Take some time to prepare your clothes as you plan your move to your new home.

  • Clean all of your clothes and be sure they are dry before packing them in your wardrobe packing boxes!
  • Assess your closet to determine if you really need to move all of your clothes. Are there some you can donate or sell? Do some simply need to be discarded because of wear or damage?
  • Organize your clothes by family member, by season, or by any other method that makes sense for you. When you unpack, you’ll know exactly what to put in whose closet.

The Right Box for Your Move

Wardrobe packing boxes are the perfect solution for moving the clothes in your closet. It couldn’t be easier to simply move your pants, suits, blouses, and dresses from wardrobe to wardrobe box. You probably also have quite a few clothes in your dresser drawers, such as socks, t-shirts, and other items that are better suited for smaller boxes.

Remember that clothes will become heavy when packed in boxes. Use smaller packing boxes so they can be more easily moved. Label everything with specifics to eliminate the need to open every box simply marked “clothes” to find that one item you need when you move into your new home.

When you need wardrobe packing boxes, Fox Moving and Storage Knoxville can help. We offer professional, high quality packing supplies, such as boxes and tape, to ensure your clothes and other items will arrive safely when you move.

Let Us Take Care of Packing and Moving for You

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