If you’re planning a move, you have plenty of details to add to your checklist. One you might not have thought about is how you’ll move your car to your new home. While driving it yourself can be an option if you’re not moving too far away, people moving more than a few couple hundred miles often find that the convenience of shipping a car to their new destination far outweighs the cost. Here are some reasons to consider shipping your car.

Extra Wear and Tear

Your car will continue depreciating for as long as you own it, and components such as brakes, tires, shocks and the transmission will only last so long before you need to have them repaired or replaced. The more you drive your car, the sooner it will need a trip to the mechanic’s shop.

If you plan to sell or trade your current vehicle soon, a higher mileage will also detract from your resale value. While driving your car or towing it behind an RV or rental truck can be more convenient than shipping it, you might be hesitant to put extra wear and tear on a vehicle by driving it a long distance.


If you’re moving alone, you may be nervous about traveling a long distance by yourself. While your odds of dying in a car accident are statistically far less likely than dying from illnesses like cancer or cardiovascular disease, you could still encounter other issues on an interstate trip, such as a flat tire, a dead battery or a cracked windshield. Having to call for roadside assistance or towing can add considerable time and expense to your trip. A car that breaks down in the middle of nowhere can also expose you to dangers such as dehydration.

Time and Money

If you’re only moving to a neighboring state, you might be able to turn your move into a fun road trip adventure. But a cross-country trip could take a week or longer. If you can’t afford to take that much time away from work or if spending that long in the car sounds intolerably dull, you’re probably better off paying for a shipping service.

In driving to a different state, you will also need to budget for expenses like gas, food and lodging along the way. When driving by yourself, consider how often you will want to stop for breaks to avoid fatigue and concentration issues.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Your Car?

Car shipping prices can vary widely, depending on factors such as the method you choose, the company you use, the urgency of your move and how far you need your vehicle shipped. Here are some tips for saving money on shipping your car.

  • Shop around: Since there are no set prices for this service, it’s wise to request quotes from multiple companies.
  • Do your homework: Since your car is likely one of your most valuable possessions, it’s worth it to read customer reviews and testimonials of the companies that make your shortlist. Before choosing a company, you might also want to check with an organization such as the Better Business Bureau to see whether previous customers have filed any complaints.
  • Reserve early: The more time you give car shipping businesses to bid on your job, the more likely you are to get a better deal.
  • Go with your gut: If one company comes through with a dramatically lower bid than the others, remember that if a rock-bottom price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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