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Few cities are as exciting as Atlanta. People are moving here in droves and, as Atlanta grows, the more the city has to offer all its residents. It’s a big place with a lot to do, so if you’re moving to Atlanta, an introduction is in order.

Twenty-nine counties make up the Atlanta metropolitan area. Between the 6 million residents and countless neighborhoods, the ATL offers something for everyone. It’s a vibrant place with an ever-increasing number of businesses, several professional sports teams and, yes, some of the nation’s heaviest traffic.

Here’s what you should know before moving to Atlanta…

Atlanta is Booming

If you’re moving to Atlanta, you’re in good company. Since 2010, the metro Atlanta area’s population grew by 663,201 people, making it the fourth largest population growth in the U.S. From 2017 to 2018 alone, the ranks of Atlanta’s residents grew by more than 75,000. Atlanta is only getting bigger, too. By 2040, it’s expected to add 2.5 million people, which means it will add the equivalent of Charlotte, NC in the next two decades.

Atlanta Traffic Can Get Ugly, But It’s Easy to Navigate

The rumors you’ve heard about traffic in Atlanta are mostly true. Atlanta is the 11th most congested city in the country, but the news isn’t all bad. WalletHub recently ranked Atlanta as the 15th best city in the nation to drive in. That’s because Georgia’s state capital scores well on categories including vehicle costs, vehicle accessibility and maintenance costs. Atlanta is also investing $85 billion to improve transportation and ease congestion as we continue our rapid growth.

The Food is No Joke

Once known as a city with a crazy number of fast food and chain restaurants, Atlanta has come a long way in recent years. You’ll find the best spots once you leave downtown and head into Atlanta’s many neighborhoods. A diverse mix of international cuisines is located on the northeastern part of town along Buford Highway. On the opposite side of town, the southwestern edge of Atlanta offers an eclectic batch of new restaurants and breweries with their own takes on Southern cuisine.

You’ll Likely Recognize Local Spots from TV and Film

The film industry calls Atlanta “the Hollywood of the South.” Studios love filming here because of a tax incentive, which Georgia has offered since 2008. By 2016, the industry was making more major motion pictures in Georgia than in California. You might have noticed Atlanta as a backdrop in several Marvel movies, The Walking Dead, the Hunger Games franchise and some of the Fast and the Furious movies, among others.

If You Like Sports, You’re in For a Treat

Atlanta is home to many professional sports teams, including…

  • The Atlanta Braves (MLB),
  • The Atlanta Hawks (NBA),
  • The Atlanta Falcons ((NFL),
  • The Atlanta Dream (WNBA) and
  • Atlanta United FC (MLS).

There’s never a time of year when professional sports aren’t underway in Atlanta. We also have an impressive history of hosting major sporting events, including two Super Bowls, the 1996 Summer Olympics and several NCAA men’s basketball Final Fours.

The Allergies are Real, but Things Could Be Worse

Allergies are a nuisance everywhere in the South, and Atlanta is no exception. Locals will tell you that things are worse here than anywhere else but Atlanta is only considered the 76th most allergic city in the U.S. That’s of little comfort when the allergies hit hard, which has definitely been the case over the past few years. In April 2018, for example, the pollen count in Atlanta was 50 times what allergists consider “high.”

Learn Your Peachtrees

Peachtree is the name for many, many things in Atlanta – Peachtree Tower, Peachtree Plaza, Peachtree Mall, Peachtree Center and Peachtree Street, to name a few. It will take you some time, but you’ll benefit from getting your peachtrees straight. While Peachtree Street refers to one main Atlanta street, more than 70 roads bear some variation of peachtree, which can be a little confusing for newcomers (and even locals).

You’re Close to Mountains, Beaches and Cheap Flights

From Atlanta, you’re only about five hours away from beaches. North Georgia has several mountains within just an hour and a half of the city. Of course, you’re also always close to the world’s busiest passenger airport, ATL, from which you can easily start your journey to pretty much anywhere in the world.

Fox Moving & Storage Atlanta is Here to Move You In

Atlanta is a place unlike any other. It has something for everyone, and as more and more people call it home, it will continue to offer new and exciting activities and accommodations. So, welcome to this amazing metropolis!

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