There’s no doubt that moving is stressful. From planning where and when to move to organizing your belongings before packing, there are so many aspects to consider throughout this process. As you navigate this major life change, let’s break down the most efficient way you can pack your belongings.

Organizing Your Belongings

It can be tempting to rush through the packing process without spending time sorting through the items in your home. However, this will only cause you more work as you try to locate your belongings after your move. When it comes to moving, the more organized you are, the more smoothly the process will run. Clearly labeling each box, specific to the room it goes in, will help this all feel like a breeze. Consider color-coding the tags on each box, so you and your movers can clearly tell where each one needs to go in your new space. 

Prioritizing Packing Tasks

As you look around your home and the rooms that need to be prepped to move, it quickly becomes obvious the number of items you need to sort through. This can be an overwhelming realization, especially if you’re feeling like the time you have is limited. Begin by thinking about what the large and small items are in each space. Start categorizing your belongings based on the frequency of use. Small items that you won’t need for a while are great for a quick box you can fill one evening. Larger things, like furniture, will be left for movers, so those can be put on a separate list of pieces to be transported in the move. Consider prioritizing based on when you’ll need to access these after you move. An example of this type of packing would be:

  1. Seasonal decor and clothing
  2. Things you don’t use daily (decor, books, hobby items, movies, etc.)
  3. Items you use daily but don’t need all of (some kitchen items, clothes, shoes, etc.)
  4. Everyday needs
  5. Last-minute daily items and cleaning supplies

Last-Minute Packing

While it may feel stressful to put off some packing until closer to your move, there are items that are better suited for the final days before your movers come. When you are packing spaces such as your kitchen, you may leave a few dishes or pots and pans to cook with if you want to avoid eating out. Clothes needed for the week and toiletries are other items you should wait to load into a box or suitcase. Plan these final sets of belongings as if you are going on a trip. Remember your chargers, daily use electronics, and any medications you need.

Anything you want to have access to within the first two to three days should be in either a suitcase or an easily-accessible box. Remember to label everything clearly, so you and your movers know where to put each thing in your new space. Finally, keep a small box of unpacking and cleaning supplies such as scissors, tape, trash bags, countertop wipes, and toilet paper to keep you from immediately having to search for things or go to the store.

Moving Made Simple With Fox

At Fox Moving and Storage, our goal is to make your moving process as simple and stress-free as possible. We offer comprehensive residential moving services for the greater Charlotte, NC area to meet your specific needs. Whether you want someone to come in and pack your space for you, or you only need help loading and unloading, we are here to help. If you’re in the process of moving and need a reliable company to ease your stress, contact us today for a free quote.