free moving boxes in nashville

Some people plan endlessly when they move. They schedule the exact hour they’ll begin and arrange a long, thorough to-do list. But even the most prepared planner can easily overlook something as obvious as moving boxes.

Sometimes it’s the simple things we forget, but few things are as important when moving all your belongings to a new office or home. Boxes are the building blocks of any successful relocation, so you want to be sure you have plenty of them lined up before it’s moving day.

Every town is different, each having its own nooks and crannies where a batch of free moving boxes awaits the first to claim them. Nashville is no exception. There are plenty of spots one can go in Nashville to track them down, and we have some suggestions to get you started. We want to note that you should always call ahead before assuming a location will offer you free boxes.

Before we dive into the list, we want to mention that Fox Moving & Storage Nashville offers moving boxes to all our clients. Just in case you were considering working with us, you should know that you’ll never need to worry about any of this when we’re helping you move. But if you’re going it alone, we’re not mad at you. In fact, we’re going to pitch a few ideas to help you out.

Don’t be the person who didn’t plan. Here are a few ideas for finding free moving boxes in Nashville.

Warehouses, Retail Stores or Any Company That Receives Shipments – If you live near any retail store, warehouse or brewery, you might just have a hookup for free moving boxes. As is the case with every location we list here, check with the business before showing up unannounced. And it’s always a best practice to make sure you don’t leave behind a mess.

Grocery Stores

Nashville is loaded with grocery stores. Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Aldi – the list is incredibly long. Call your neighborhood’s grocery stores to see if they any free boxes available.

Craigslist: Nashville and Freecycle Nashville

The internet is one of the best resources available to find free moving cartons in Nashville. Craigslist is a relatively reliable source (especially the “free stuff” section), but don’t sleep on Freecycle as a tool to connect with others in your neighborhood. Moving boxes are one of the most frequently discussed topics on these forums.

Liquor Stores

These businesses regularly get shipments to restock their shelves, and many even offer boxes to customers as containers for purchased items. Liquor stores’ boxes are often smaller than those you might find from other types of businesses on this list, but these smaller containers are useful for small and mid-sized items.

Local Office Buildings

Office buildings are typically going to throw away or recycle excess boxes, so they are often more than happy to give them away for free. A very small business may not receive many shipments, but if you live near larger office buildings, you should see if they have spares to give away.


Restaurants receive a ton of food and alcohol, which means they likely have several containers that they regularly toss. A word of advice: Don’t walk into a busy restaurant and start asking about free boxes. Instead, visit the restaurant when they aren’t busy serving lunch or dinner crowds.

Friends, Family and Neighbors

It might so happen that the containers you’ve been scrambling for were just a social media post away. Don’t hesitate to get online and ask your friends and family if they have some spare bins. If you have friendly neighbors, they might also have some spare moving boxes they’d like to get rid of.

The good news is that most people and businesses will be happy to give you boxes once they’re finished with them. When you’re moving, free boxes are a precious currency but, for everyone else, they’re just something people can’t wait to get rid of.

Fox Moving & Storage Nashville Can Help… And We Have the Boxes Covered

When you’re planning a move to Nashville, let Fox Moving & Storage Nashville help. We will provide the packing you need for a quick and easy move. Some items are too important to cram into any old box, which is why we have many specialized moving boxes, such as those for wardrobes, mirrors and dishes.

Fox Moving & Storage Nashville offers many services to our clients, including packing, unpacking, short-term storage, long-term storage, white glove moving, warehousing and commercial and residential moving services. We’ve coordinated over 40,000 moves, so you can trust that we know our business.

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