When you’re ready to move, you have a lot to think about and to plan. You will need to let others know your new address, connect and disconnect your utilities, check out the new neighborhood and the new schools, and figure out how to get everything packed and moved. You have a long list of tasks, which probably includes determining where to find moving supplies.

What You Will Need

Your first question might actually be about what kind of moving supplies you’ll need. When packing yourself, you certainly know that you need moving boxes. You’ll also need other items such as strong tape to secure the boxes and packing paper that will protect your fragile and delicate items. Bubble wrap will be useful for glass items such as photo frames, lamps, and valuable dishes. Permanent markers are best for identifying what each box contains and where it belongs in your new home.

Other moving supplies can include dollies or hand trucks, work gloves, cleaning supplies, and perhaps even a tool set. You might need to disassemble and reassemble furniture to move it in and out of tight spaces.

Free Boxes

If you are moving on a tight budget, your first thought might be “what can I get for free?” There are a number of places to find free moving boxes, but you’ll want to be sure to check the quality of those boxes before using them for your treasured possessions. Used boxes are just that – used. They may have gotten wet or been ripped by their previous owner. Even normal use can degrade the quality of cardboard over time.

Free boxes are typically available at grocery stores, liquor stores, and other retail locations. Ask at your local big box store also. Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, and others usually have used boxes that you can pick up for your move. Call first to find out the best time to get boxes from these stores as their shipments will come in at different times on different days of the week.

Social Media Posts

You can also find moving supplies by asking other people who have recently moved. Often, individuals will post on social media when they have leftover packing paper or tape as well as used boxes from a move. Tap into the social media posts on platforms such as Facebook buy/sell groups, Facebook community groups, Nextdoor neighborhoods, and Freecycle.

Each of these platforms has a group that is local to you, so you can gather the supplies easily and quickly. You can also be proactive on these sites and post a message asking if anyone has moving supplies they no longer need.

Family, Friends, and Neighbors

You can also ask friends, family members, and even close neighbors if they have extra packing tape, boxes, and other moving supplies. People who work in an office environment may have access to boxes that supplies, such as reams of paper, are delivered in and that the business discards at the end of the day.

Ask Your Professional Mover

The quality of your moving supplies is as important as being able to find them. You are moving all of your possessions, including furniture, electronics, books, clothes, and family treasures. You don’t want to take the chance of using worn or inadequate supplies for your move. Professional movers, such as those at Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga, can help you plan, pack, and move all of your items so you’ll know they’ll arrive safely in your new home.

If you do want to pack your own boxes, Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga also offers quality moving supplies that will give you the reassurance you need that your possessions will be safe and secure throughout the moving process. We have all the supplies you will need, including packing paper and heavy duty packing tape, to protect all of your fragile items.

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