Moving can be a daunting task during any season. But, for some, the idea of doing so during the coldest time of the year seems particularly challenging. So if you’re one of the many Nashvillians wondering whether to move in winter, read on. We’ll teach you some quick tips about how to easily relocate this holiday season.

The Perks of Winter Moving

There is a common misconception that winter moving is a bad idea. However, contrary to popular belief, it actually has many advantages that could make your life much easier, including:

Better Real Estate Deals

There are a few new homes for sale in Nashville during the winter. Those on the market tend to have a better value during this season, giving you more bang for your buck. Besides, house hunting in the winter allows you to avoid the real estate bidding wars that tend to occur as demand increases during busier months.

More Convenient Weather

There are only a few things more uncomfortable than taking care of moving tasks during a hot and humid Tennessee summer day. The much cooler winter weather allows you to get the job done without overheating.

Fewer Distractions

Spring and summer moving will definitely have you missing out on all the fun and games that take place during those seasons. Winter days are typically less busy, so very few things can get between you and your packing and moving endeavors.

Is It Cheaper to Move in the Winter?

As a matter of fact, it just might be! Moving companies tend to have fewer clients during the winter. This means you’ll definitely be able to secure a moving team, and they may even offer some great deals on residential moving during these times. Additionally, your movers could be able to provide you with a more personalized experience and even offer you a more flexible schedule.

Winter Moving Tips

As you can see, moving during the winter could be an excellent idea. Yet, you’ll still need to be prepared for all possible scenarios to avoid potential complications. The following recommendations will help you get all set for a winter move.

Allow Additional Travel Time

Nashville tends to get a few inches of snow each winter. This could make traffic get a bit slower than usual — or even disrupted, depending on how much snow falls. Keep this in mind and allow plenty of extra time to move into your new home. Also, be flexible in case inclement weather interrupts your plans.

Protect Your Belongings From the Cold

Some items may be more susceptible to quick changes in temperature. To prevent your beloved possessions from cracking or breaking, make sure to double-wrap them in thick or padded materials. Also, consider loading any delicate objects last and unloading them first to minimize the risk.

Get Your House Ready for the Move

Make your house safe for everyone involved in the moving process. Make sure to shovel away any snow that could get in the way, and ensure that your walkway is free of ice.

Final Verdict:  Should You Move During the Winter?

Yes, you should! With the assistance of professional movers, it’s easy to move in any season — even the winter. If you’re looking for a premiere moving and storage solution with affordable rates for the upcoming cold months, contact Fox Moving & Storage of Nashville. Our experts will help you get the seamless moving experience you’re looking for.