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SO Many Reasons to move to Chattanooga.

Yes, seriously. We aren’t kidding! You should move to Chattanooga! Whether your dreams lie in tech, in entrepreneurialism, or just plain in having a good, balanced life, Chattanooga is rapidly becoming the place to be. We are a fantastic place to own a business, a better place to raise a family, and one the BEST places to get outdoors and stay active!

Chattanooga is small business and entrepreneur friendly.

It may all start with fiber, (you know, being the first city in the WORLD to offer city-wide 10 Gbps internet), but it sure doesn’t stop there. While super cool – amazingly fast, city-wide internet is the not quite reason enough for small businesses and entrepreneurs to move to Chattanooga. Fortunately, we also have The Lamp Post Group business incubator,  Causeway, a local nonprofit working to solve Chattanooga’s biggest problems through social entrepreneurship, and CO.Lab, a nonprofit startup accelerator. We even have options to get your kids a head start on the tech and entrepreneur path with TechTown and A.I.R. Labs classes. Oh, and don’t worry. We know matters what most, and yes, we have great coffee and co-working spaces too. All that and we haven’t even mentioned the low cost of living and doing business in Chattanooga!

Speaking of cost of living….

One the best reasons to move to Chattanooga may be our cost of living! Heck, even gas prices are low in Chattanooga, and by low, we mean some of the lowest in the country! Those gas low gas prices are just the tip of the money saving iceberg, though. We don’t mind our sales tax leaning on the high side in these parts because we dwell in one of the very few states in the US with no income tax. And our home prices? Well, how does 19% lower than the national average sound?! That’s not bad to live a city where homes with beautiful views (whether they be city views or mountains and river views) are not hard to come by!

move to chattanooga


Have me mentioned the outdoors yet? If you are an outdoor sports lover (or even if you just like lounge around in nature), you definitely need to consider a move to Chattanooga! Outside Magazine has named Chattanooga the number one place to live in all of the US – TWICE! We’re the only city to have ever topped the list more than once, and there’s a reason for it! They recognize our town for what it is, a bustling, growing business hub surrounded by the beauty of mountains, streams, and waterfalls. It’s the best of both worlds.

move to chattanooga


Food, fun, and the finer things. We’re going to guess that we don’t need to tell you about the wonder that is The Tennessee Aquarium, (which is consistently ranked as one of the top public aquariums in the US), but what about the rest of Chattanooga indoors? Dining, drinking, and music and arts? Check, check, and double check! Look no further than Bluffview Arts District, Warehouse Row, and The Hunter Museum, you know… for starters. Whether it be nightlife or lazy-day-stroll-life that best meets your needs, Chattanooga has as much to offer indoors as it does outside!

We’re “Just Right”.

We don’t doubt that if left up to the likes of Goldilocks, our city would be deemed “just right”. We’re not too big and we’re not too small which is perfect since not everyone longs to live in the big city. In fact, over recent years, some of the heaviest migratory patterns in the US reflect that many people are opting to leave some of our nation’s huge urban centers. That doesn’t mean that most people want to give up the convenience, opportunities, and lifestyle of city living. Perhaps the best reason of all to move to Chattanooga is that we fit right in the middle.

Ready to move to Chattanooga? Call us anytime for advice and relocation assistance. You won’t regret it!