If you’re looking for speedy, affordable, and reliable moving companies in East Nashville, your search stops here. Whether you’re moving from Lockeland Springs to Inglewood, from Rosebank to Cleveland Park, or even moving to East Nashville from other parts of Middle Tennessee, Fox Moving and Storage has got you covered. Our trained professionals are available 24/7 with as little as one hour’s notice to provide stress-free relocation services. Contact Fox Moving & Storage of Nashville for a quick, accurate quote at 615-709-9325.

How Much Do Movers Cost in East Nashville?

To give you some sense of costs, East Nashville movers typically charge $200 to $400 for four hours of work in the region. But costs can vary depending on several different factors. For example, it can cost more if you have many containers or heavier items. It can also cost more if your movers have to work harder to get to your locations; for example, if there’s no parking area near your pick up and drop off locations.

What Day is Cheapest to Hire Movers?

Cost-conscious homeowners should opt to move out during weekdays to take advantage of lower rates.

What Can Movers Do for You?

Professional moving companies specialize in fast, safe, and reliable moving services. Typically they will supply packing materials and help pack the items. They will provide a moving truck, and load and unload the packed containers. They will then drive the items to your new location.

Speak to your mover or visit the mover’s website for a complete list of services.

What Should You Not Send With Movers in East Nashville?

Regardless of the location of your mover, it’s not advisable to use moving services for some types of goods.

Avoid items that can potentially cause dangerous situations, like gasoline, lighter fluid, paints and paint thinners, propane cylinders, oxygen bottles, fireworks, matches, and nail polish remover.

Movers also have policies about transporting valuables like jewelry, cash, passports, and heirloom pieces. Check with your mover whether they will move these for you. While professional movers will take every precaution to move these items with care, items of sentimental value or important documents can be irreplaceable. So, it’s best to transport these yourself.

What Should You Not Do With Movers?

Don’t forget to make sure your movers have free and unobstructed access to your home! Giving them the space and time to do the work can help them pack and load your items quickly and safely.

We always recommend you keep pets and children in a quiet, separate space away from your moving team as they work. This is for their safety, as well as that of your moving professionals.

Get Started with East Nashville Moving Services

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