Free Yourself from Cord Clutter!

Cords, cables, and wires – oh my! We all love our electronics and honestly couldn’t live without them, but let’s admit it – they’re so darn unattractive. There really is nothing worse than a bad case of what we like to call cord clutter, where your cables and wires are either tangled, sprawled in a lawless mess, left exposed for your guests to see, or even worse – all three. (Are you cringing yet?). If this is beginning to sound like your worst nightmare (because it’s definitely ours), then rest assured because we’re here to wake you up out of it. As promised from last week’s blog post where we showed you how to hide your wifi router in style, this week’s post will teach you how to tame those rampant cords we just can’t seem to escape. Try out the following ideas to keep your new home cord clutter free!

Hang your cords in a wire basket attached underneath your desk.

cord clutter home hacks

Wire baskets are a sensational idea for stowing away a power strip. It’s a double whammy because not only does it hide the power strip, but also the several different cords that you can plug into it (score!). Say farewell to dangling cords and cords on the floor. Your pets won’t be a big fan of the new change, but you certainly will. Check out this full cord clutter tutorial here.

Wrap your longer cords with yarn or twine.

cord clutter home hacks

What a chic solution for spicing up and disguising those lengthier cords that refuse to fit inside a snug container! Whether you’re going for nautical or rustic vibes, a spool of rope and some glue are all you need to make that electrical cord vanish in style. Learn all the steps here.

Organize your cords with binder clips, bread clips, and credit cards.

cord clutter home hacks

This may sound totally strange at first, but everyday objects like binder clips, bread clips, and credit cards work like a charm for taming cord clutter – and at virtually no cost! Hiding those pesky cables is only one side of the card – try your hand at distinguishing between all of them and identifying which electronics they actually lead to (especially if the cords are all the same color – *cue migraine*). See how this guy utilized these simple trinkets for maximum cord control here. Brilliant? Yes.

Purchase a ‘cord wrangling kit.

cord clutter home hacks

Running out of time and looking for a quick-fix-it solution? Ditch the DIY and purchase a ‘cord wrangling kit’ from The Container Store or Target. These help you snake cords down the legs of desks or Velcro them all together so you don’t have to deal with the issue of hiding them. These are so convenient that we find ourselves purchasing them like liquor store candy (not one – but two or three or four to hold down the entire home’s electronics).

Get creative with some cable wall art!

cord clutter home hacks

You can use just about anything to make art these days (*cough cough* – contemporary art), and your ugly cords and TV cables are definitely not excluded. Treat your new home’s walls as a blank canvas and use wire clips to construct a design you’d be happy to view every day, whether it’s a cable city skyline or a whimsical wire branch.