We all know that unpacking and settling into your new home is only half the fun of moving. The other half – and dare we say, the more exciting half – is the meticulous, but invigorating process of decorating your fresh abode. However, it can be extremely easy to get lured out of your budget and into the traps of expensive home decor, as you search for the perfect piece of furniture or accent to really complete the aesthetic of your home. Little did you know that there are highly effective DIY’s that you can take on yourself to transform any space into a thing of luxury, and for cheap too! Try out these 15 gorgeous home decor upgrades that only look expensive and will have your guests going ooh and ahh.

1. Fancify your drawers with some adhesive and inexpensive gold foil.


Can you believe that the foil used in this DIY is just $10.65 for 10 feet? See the tutorial here.

2. Add a crown molding to your basic bookshelf to make it appear built-in.


Check out how you can do this to an Ikea Billy bookcase (or any bookcase for that matter) here.

3. Employ the secret magic of petroleum jelly to distress your cabinets.


Learn all of the steps to creating this beautiful, rustic mess in this handy tutorial.

4. Cover up your boring ol’ dome light with a gorgeous lampshade. 


This was made for only $32 based on a similar-looking version that was $412! Get the scoop on how to do it here.

5. Give your ancient wooden rocking chair a new life by sanding and repainting it. 


Although this tutorial recommends using chalk paint, you can basically use any sort of outdoor safe paint that fits the budget. See the tutorial here.

6. And for the indoor wooden chair, Mod Podge a chic graphic fabric onto it. 


The original desk chair with the same fabric used as inspiration for this was $329. And this DIY chair might even be cuter. Learn how to make it here.

7. Customize your side table with contact paper and spray paint. 


See how many different combinations of contact paper and spray paint you can come up with! Check out all the steps here.

8. Place fabric panels inside of picture frame molding on your walls for easy and removable art. 


A pop of color and style for cheap. Get the tutorial here.

9. Break out the gold spray paint cans and give these $8 curtain rods a royal makeover. 


Yeah, they’re totally from West Elm. See the full how-to here.

10. Screw brass casters to the bottom of a cheap shelf to create an instant bar cart slash portable bookcase. 


This just makes us want to put wheels on everything. Skip the brass handles at the top if they’re too out of your price range. Check out how to make this all happen here.

11. Coat a wire basket in paint and flip it upside-down for a modern accent table. 


Don’t forget to top it off with a circle of wood (thankfully, those also come cheap). Get the full tutorial here.

12. Consider stitching trim onto your chairs for a classy club feel. 

diy ikea hack cream and black club chairs24[3]

Check out the surprisingly simply step-by-step tutorial here.

13. Add legs to a basic shelf to make it stand out. 


This is another Ikea hack that will have your furniture looking like it came straight out of a magazine. Learn how to make it here.

14. Renovate your current bookshelf with a tasteful backsplash of removable wallpaper. 


It doesn’t hurt that we’re absolutely in love with the reusable wallpaper Wallternatives used in this tutorial. Check out all of the steps here.

15. Step out of your comfort zone make knobs out of plastic dinosaurs. 


Who knew you could turn cheap childhood figurines into playfully glam home decor? We’re a fan! See the full tutorial here.