Moving in Spring just makes good old-fashioned sense! The trees are blooming and the sun is emerging from behind the gray winter clouds. The red, red Robins are even starting to bob around! It’s the season of fresh starts and change. What better way to make a fresh start than moving into a new home, a new neighborhood, or maybe even a whole new city? And there are a lot of benefits to a Spring move too!

Reasons for Moving in Spring

Mild Weather –  Mother Nature is slipping into a better mood. The days are getting longer, but the Summer heat hasn’t yet reared its ugly head. That all adds up to perfect moving weather! More time and less heat? Count me in!

Kids Have Time Off – I know it’s not trip to the beach, but a whole new start is almost as good! No really, it can be. Use that Spring Break time to get your kids all settled into a new home so you can keep the Summer to yourself when it rolls around. Also, moving in Spring means you wait out one last Winter so your can family can enjoy another holiday in their home before saying goodbye and starting over. You’ll even have time to get your kids signed up for Summer camps and sports programs in their new neighborhood!

Prime Selling Season – If you’re selling your home to relocate, you have another good reason for moving in Spring. The Winter lull ends and the real estate market springs back into action. It’s a great time to earn a little extra cash on your home sale, which gives more money for moving expenses… you know, like packing and moving services. 😉

Get Ahead of the Rush – Moving companies shift into peak season starting around Memorial Day and stay busy all Summer. As business hits its boom, a lot of movers charge primetime rates due to increased demand. Moving in Spring is a great way to save a little on cost.moving in spring

Tips for Smooth Moving in Spring

Check the Pollen Count – While the days may be longer and the weather may be milder, the pollen count is higher. Keep an eye on the count the week of your move and plan accordingly. A good 24-hour allergy pill first thing in the morning will do wonders.

Plan a Mid-Day Move – One way to overcome that high pollen count if you are moving in the Spring is to plan a mid-day move. You’ll have the best weather and lowest pollen counts of the day.

Waterproof Your Wares. – And keep your rain boots handy! We love Mother Nature in the Spring, but it is her moody season and rain showers can pop up with little notice. Don’t pack up all that rain gear. You may need it. Also, make sure that you waterproof any packages containing items that particularly hate getting wet.

The Earlier the Better. – Booking early in Spring will get your move in on the tail end of the business’s slow season. Rates are likely to be their lowest and, even better, you can be particular about your moving date and time. The closer we get to Summer, the fuller our schedules become!

Have a Garage Sale  Moving time is a great time to clean out those closets. Get rid of all the things you don’t want or need. They’ll just take up space and drive up your moving bill. What better way to thin the closets than to have a garage sale and earn a little extra cash. When you’re moving in Spring, it’s the perfect weather and perfect timing for a money making yard sale!moving in spring

Once you get that garage sale all wrapped up and you’re ready to get your Spring moving date on the books, give us a call, and Fox Moving and storage will take care of the rest!