One of the biggest benefits of the internet is its contribution to consumer research. One of the biggest drawbacks is its overabundance of information. If you’re looking for a reputable moving company, moving company reviews are likely to be a large portion of your online research, but are all moving review sites created equal? Should you trust one over the other? Just how do you go about reading and comparing moving company reviews? There are some things to keep in mind as you do your online research of moving companies, and we’re happy to offer a little guidance.

chattanooga moving company reviews

Avoid Affiliates When Seeking Out Moving Company Reviews

When bloggers and website owners are utilizing affiliate links , they should be disclosing it. Affiliates stand to benefit from the use of the services they recommend, so when seeking out moving company reviews, you need to be aware of affiliates of the company. Make sure that the person writing the review, particularly on a personal or business blog, does not work for moving company or stand to profit in some way from your using the moving company they are reviewing. If you see an affiliate link to the company’s website (or if they disclose, as they should, that they are an affiliate), you can rest assured that any review from them is a little biased.

Take Extreme Moving Company Reviews with a Grain of Salt

Take ALL moving company reviews that you read on the internet with a grain of salt, no matter what the source. Do not read too much into a single review. Don’t panic or be scared away from a company because of any one overly negative review. Any single person might have had a freak accident occur with a company that left them totally against them. Others might have had great experiences. You’ll want to take all the reviews you read and consider the good and bad and compile them to decide what you should REALLY expect.

chattanooga moving company reviews

Check More Than One Site for Moving Company Reviews

Not all websites for moving company reviews are the same. Each site has different standards and rules for posting. Some require that reviewers be members or subscribers of their site in order to leave a review. This eliminates a number of customers who could potentially leave positive (or negative) reviews. One popular site for reading moving company reviews even “filters” reviews using an unknown algorithm, meaning that you won’t ever see a full overview of the reviews written about a company. Some review sites allow for updating reviews, allowing customers to upgrade a company’s review once the company resolves the issue. Others maintain negative content despite changes to the situation. We highly recommend visiting a number of review sites to gain the most well-rounded overview of customer experiences.

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chattanooga moving company reviews