Finally, the years of all-nighters, living off of coffee and ramen, and research papers that’ll put you in a grave are over! Congrats, post-grad life is upon you! Now it’s time to figure out your next steps, and unlike the beginning of school, you may have to take on more responsibilities this time. We all remember the hand-me-down couches and all the moving help we got when this all began. You may have had help from parents and friends to initially get situated. Through the years you’ve learned how to keep things fairly clean, the dishes somewhat washed, but what’s next? In a perfect world where you’d be moving you’d have a new job ahead of you…with a new home in sight and a new city to explore. We can’t help guarantee you’ll get your security deposit back, but here are some tips and information to help ease the stress of post-graduation moving:

Sayonara to College Town!post graduation moing

First things first, call your movers: Consider what your moving needs will be come moving day. Will your move require movers or will renting a truck and doing a DIY move be your best option? Regardless of your needs, being in a college town means moving companies will be busy at the end of your school semester. We suggest calling about a month ahead to reserve your dates or moving truck. Last thing you want is a mountain of boxes and no way to move them!

College Pad Furnishings: 

A few weeks prior to moving consider how closely tied you are to your furniture and decide what you can and can’t get rid of. The cost of space to move your old futon may be more expensive than buying other furniture at your new place. Once you’ve decided what will stay and what won’t, make sure you give yourself enough time to get rid of things. Selling your furniture will help your moving fund! Visit flea markets, and post your items online. This will give you enough time to comfortably sell your items unhurried.

Clean your apartment: post graduation moing

The last few weeks of graduating, celebrating and moving will be hectic. You’ll not only be taking care of moving arrangements, but also figuring out employment and don’t forget finals! The key to jumping all these hurdles is pace. Finals can’t be avoided (sadly), but leaving too many details to the last minute can. Perhaps the most time consuming endeavor aside from packing will be cleaning your apartment. By “cleaning” we don’t just mean spot vacuuming. The place has to look like new! You want your deposit back don’t you?

At times landlords require carpet cleanings. Shop around for options, as some cleaning companies will offer deals during peak moving seasons. In addition, these companies provide rental options for the DIY’er in you. Fill your wall holes with toothpaste, clean behind the fridge, and polish the windows!

Make a Purge Pile

We acquire tons of junk we’ll never use again over the years. Gather a pile of things you can donate as you go through the packing process. Purging will not only save you from packing, but also valuable truck space.

Post-Graduation Moving Details

With so much going on overlooking the small details will be easier than you think. Here are some details to remember as the days graduation moing

  • Shut off utilities: Contact your providers, schedule a time for your utilities to be shut off ahead of time.
  • Close bank accounts: Depending on how far you’ll be moving to your new city your banks may not be as convenient as you’d like. Look into it, and if you’ll be traveling 30 miles to your closest branch, it’s time to switch!
  • Change of Address: If you’ve got a date and address for your new home, contact your bank, cellphone provider and other companies that send you mail you don’t want to miss.

All things considered,  you may not feel too busy now, but along with school work and moving your checklist may get a little long. Plan ahead and set your pace, some things such as cleaning can’t be done til the last week or so.. but packing and pre-moving arrangements are always ready to be crossed off your list! (ps. if the college years have taken a toll on your walls, YouTube has some great tutorials to fix those holes!)

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